Barefoot Dirty Girls: Named By Customer

Friday, April 30, 2010

Lyin' Lynda was banging around her yard at 7:04 a.m., still in her robe and slippers, shuffling from house to outbuilding to turn on the radio. On the way back to the house, however, she stepped in something - probably dog shit! - and tried scraping it off before going in. The incident prompted me to recall the "too many dogs" complaint and the chicken they allow loose on the property.

... and it reawakened a memory of something I read in their Health Department files almost two years earlier, in the summer of 2008. (Ahhh, yes... here it is.)

"Truck dirty, outdated food, cooler not cold. Both girls are dirty, but one is very dirty -
does not wear shoes and feet are black with dirt."

A customer wrote that complaint - hopefully, s/he didn't eat anything! - or maybe it was another inspector. No wonder the barefoot and dirty girls were shoeless! Which is worse, a slap on the hands (or feet) for shoelessness, or losing your Health Department certificate (which shuts down your catering truck) because of whatever! on the bottom of your shoes?

The complaint, above, inspired a new name for the trio next door. Since February, 2010 they no longer operate TLC Catering, their new name is:


Anybody wanna buy some catering trucks? See pictures of them at the end of this post.
But remember to have them thoroughly cleaned - by professionals - before first use.

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