Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BDG Easter: Death, Resurrection, and a New High

The Barefoot Dirty Girls are stripped to their essence...


Moving truck - January 17th post

Pickups and trailers used - January 24th post

History of dismantling since July 2010 - March 30th post

Packing clothes into the Sebring - April 6th post

Last week's convoys (yes, plural)
Bed frames, mattresses, dressers, and more

Even the day before Easter was used, as the original marijuana tent was moved to the southeast corner of the property. But, as you can see, the property is still encumbered with "left-overs."

(1) Travel trailer, (2) Catering truck, (3) Vending truck,
(4) Shipping container, (5) Marijuana tent,
(6) Walk-in freezer, (7) Shanty shed

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

ONE DAY OF PEACE - Easter Sunday

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


Items of note in the pictures above are these:
  • The new cinder block retaining wall stretching the length of the southern property line (two weeks before Easter.)
  • The removal of the old satellite dish and yard light, and new replacement yard light (the week before Easter.)
  • The fence around the marijuana sheds painted white on Good Friday (whitewashing the sepulchre.)
  • The still operational surveillance cameras (one is just below the new yard light.)
Other items of note, not pictured:
  • Two black yard dogs still on property
  • Daily visitors to feed the dogs, check the marijuana plants, and make the place look occupied.
  • Temporary residents hauled in bags of stuff and a sleeping pad just after midnight Monday morning.
My analysis of the situation goes like this:
  • The BDG's did way too much cleanup, and even improvements, for this to be preparation for a mortgage default.
  • The BDG's did way too little cleanup for this to be preparation for a property short sale. All the "left-over" equipment, noted above, indicates that.
  • The BDG's housesitter/handyman was part of the moving and painting crew and now serves as transition staff to a long term marijuana "sharecropper."
  • The catering business was merely a distribution "front."
  • There is no evidence the BDG's are relinquishing ownership or control of the property and their new, state-of-the-art pot farm. This was merely a strategic withdrawal, upon which to make more evasive claims.
The BDG's actions, and rationally deduced intentions, predict another illegal business on the property, as I theorized in October of last year. Their evasive actions and their long, documented history of manipulation and deceit with the catering truck business - especially their last few years with only one truck - supports and sharpens that prediction.

Building and rebuilding continues apace, with another of Lyin' Lynda's "little boxes" being replaced. Back on April 4, there appeared another old woman on the property, "who greeted Lyin' Auntie Lyn with a hug and Roly-Poly Red with a handshake;" Cork-Screwed got a mere nod. This other woman walks very much like Lyin' Lynda (rounded shoulders, stooped back, arms swinging in gorilla-like fashion), but her hair was thicker and darker (unlike L/L's wispy, dish-rag gray mop.) She appeared again on Monday to supervise Bubba or Bubba Lite (can't tell because they both wear prison britches) and a young woman in taking down the skeleton of the old tent gazebo and trying to set posts for a new, beefier gazebo.

Lyin' Lynda's surveillance cameras - those watching my property instead of hers - are still up, and I'm sure that the new family caretakers are under strict orders to leave them in place.

We'll see how long it takes before Bubba Lite gets tired of paying for Lyin' Lynda's sins...

Is this conniving bitch really worth giving up your dignity?

Is her expanding marijuana business something you really want to get swept up in?


Friday, April 22, 2011

The Self-Thinning Applets Don't Fall Far From The Tree

The Barefoot Dirty Girls' [Unrelated] Family Tree


For millenia, mankind has observed and practiced various techniques on fruit trees. Some trees are self-fruitful; some require pollintors. Some are self-thinning; some must have the immature fruit thinned by hand. "Fruit drop" is a term describing self-thinning of apple trees, which must be supplemented by hand-thinning to increase the current crop and protect the tree into the future.

Between Newton's articulation of physical laws (specifically gravity), and Darwin's postulations of natural laws (individual mutation and selection within species), and Mendel's genetics experiments on plants (dominant and regressive characteristics), at that confluence stand the Barefoot Dirty Girls, those homo sapiens somehow related to them, and a kaleidoscopic posse of redneck loafers, squatters and hangers-on.

Yesterday one such human genome field experiment, with at least three young buds, was on hand to ferry
Mattresses, bedposts,
Boxes and bags,
And assorted more flotsam
For the familial hags
{sorry... I accidentally slipped into verse again...}
from the house to the cars and trailers.

[Note: We have visited Lyin' Lynda's and Rotund Red's family tree before, where it shows conclusively that none of their DNA has been successfully transmitted.]

Anyway, one of the unflowered progeny practiced the Waggle Dance on several occasions, exuberantly jumping about, posing and dis playing for the camera. It was a touching, heartwarming scene to witness the transmission of colony culture from the Secondary Queen Bee, Great-Auntie Red, to an impressionable squirt two generations removed. Even more significant is that one of those performances was done with an audience composed of sire and siblings, and under the smiling approbation of Primary Queen Bee, Great-Auntie Lyin' Lynda. (Pray never to see such a smile - "We show you our faces, You're gone without traces..." from this post.)

Another way of looking at this episode is just as valid; that the Barefoot Dirty Girls, themselves, never matured past prepubesence. Mature adult judgment appears missing in the training, or condoning of misbehavior, of their juvenile charges and their parents.

Or, the BDG's are manifesting regressive personality characteristics as they rapidly age, bloat, and succumb to psychotropic drug use.

This topic of disrespectful, anti-social parents training up their children in the ways of disrespectful, anti-social behavior is covered in Chapter 3 of the book, Neighbors From Hell, by Bob Borzotta. In that chapter, Kids - From Bad Parents Come Bad Neighbors, the author cites examples and discusses the nurturing incubation of tomorrow's cockroaches adult neighbors from hell.

Of course, there is nothing new under the sun, and the world has suffered fools continually since the dawn of time. And children, being mimicking little monkeys, if they soak up their worldview neighborview from loutish parents, aunties, family, and assorted village idiots, it is no great wonder they turn out twisted or damaged.

Harry Chapin put it this way in his recording, "Cat's in the Cradle:"
And he was talkin' 'fore I knew it, and as he grew
He'd say, "I'm gonna be like you dad,
You know I'm gonna be like you."
Moses put it a different way when he wrote:

"The Lord is longsuffering, and of great mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression, and by no means clearing the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation." Numbers 14:18
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Disney puts it this way...

Just ducky...

The [image] presented here is [] from the freely available Inducks database at inducks.org


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rust-Demolished Trash Truck Heads For Cemetary

Flatbed Hearse

Moment of Silence

(Many, long Moments of Silence)

(Reflecting on the skunk that died under the house...)

(This is a good omen.)

- - - - - - - - - - - -

O.K., mourning over; the ghost is gone.


Now that the Camouflage-colored shell of a truck has been towed away,
the time is ripe to haul away the Red, Yellow, and Green trash.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Life's Certainties: Taxes, Karma, and Death



Karma has returned to Lyin' Lynda the sobriquet,

"Tax Cheat"

- - - - - - - - - -

A few days ago, my attorney and I were kicking some things around and he asked about Lyin' Lynda's latest subterfuge, her claim to be moving. Here is the lopsided scale:

FOR Moving
  • Lyin' Lynda's word (worthless)
  • A few away trips with household junk and yard jetsam
  • Absence of FOR SALE signs or FOR RENT signs
  • No realtors or prospects viewing the house
  • Remaining business trucks, containers, equipment, and sheds litter the property
  • Inoperative cars and trucks still on property
  • Marijuana sheds fully tended in day and night operation
  • New screening fence for marijuana sheds
  • Cork-Screwed's travel trailer still in place
  • Earthwork being done on their south property line

Then my attorney asked about any filed Notices of Default on mortgage payments. None... yet. But that question brought up the latest public filing against our addicted heroine, a Notice of State Tax Lien, on November 19, 2010.

You see, Lyin' Lynda didn't pay her state income taxes for 2004, and a tax lien of over $9,700 has been attached "to all property and rights to such property now owned or later acquired by the taxpayer." (Penalty, interest and collection fees account for $4,319 of the total - and interest is still accruing.) Such things go through several phases of attempted collection before reaching the level of a tax lien. Technically, it still hasn't been collected - the people of the State of California are still carrying Lyin' Lynda's dead ass.

(karma credits)

So, just what did this "Maven of Mucking About" do with all that money back in 2004 and 2005? Hmmm... let's go back on her timeline to see what was going on.

Ah, there it is. 2004 was a year of consolidating, wherein Ms. "Screw-the-Grid" Businesswoman attempted to become self-sufficient (To hell with the world!), retreating into her own little survivalist compound. She paid one of those fly-by-night "green" contractors (Power Independence Electric, long since out of business) tens of thousands of dollars to install seven huge solar panels, and related paraphernalia, on her property - after pulling a City of Manteca permit in the name of her dead neighbor.

And she didn't pay her taxes for that year.

"Well," you ask, "why didn't she pay those taxes in 2005, or 2006, or 2007?"

What?! You're asking me to think like Lyin' Lynda??? No can do. Besides, according to her freeloading freebie Farmers Insurance lawyer in the civil suit currently lodged against her, there is "no way of single-handedly divining Ms. Allen's state of mind and determining what was 'intentional' and what was not. Making a unilateral judgment as to another person's state of mind... [particularly unsupported]... is offensive and wholly irresponsible." (What did he say? It takes two people to tell if Lynda's Lyin'?) There you have it, L/L's primary defense, entitled, "I can do whatever the hell I want to and there's not an F'n thing you can do or say about it!"
  1. "State of mind" presupposes a mind capable of having a state. We can safely ignore that improbability.
  2. What Lyin' Lynda says, whether offensive or defensive (never friendly), can likewise be weighted with the appropriate discount factor - ie., multiply by zero.
  3. That leaves only the actions of this benighted* woman from which to judge.
Don't even think to tell me these are unwarranted or unsupported allegations; this entire blog is dedicated to documenting the arrogant insanities of this hellcat - the yawning chasms separating her offensive words and her damnable actions. No reasonable person needs to judge her "state of [nonexistent] mind;" merely observe what issues from her mouth, her ass, or whatever other body cavity she elects to void at the moment.

- - - - - - - - - -

Fast forward to 2007 - with Lyin' Lynda's 2004 back taxes and penalties still unpaid. The real estate market was still hot as the year opened. But, because her slop trough business... uhn, TLC Catering... was not properly feeding the Three Lying Cxxxs ... Little Cxxxs ... Little Pigs, she decided to refinance 810 Fishback Street to pay for the solar power system, the threesome's living and loving expenses, and for her hobby business. With her impeccable timing, in April she wrung $250,000 - every nickel of paper equity - out of Dog-Shit Paradise. Of course, that was just before the Sword of Damocles** fell on her (and everyone else in an over-leveraged, underwater mortgage) when the real estate bubble burst.

But did she pay her tax obligation with some of her "free money"? Hell no! Not this Angel of Meat Wagons. Instead she tried to continue illegally running her business from her residential property, and continuing a hellish nuisance at the same time.

In 2009, Lyin' Lynda and Regurgitated Red were sued for illegal land use (a public matter) and noise nuisance - by yours truly. They decided to go out of business instead of moving it to a properly zoned place.

But did she pay her 2004 taxes? No.

In an incredibly clever move - more like, unfathomable - this dishrag diva went on a building spree in 2010. She and the other Barefoot Dirty Girls sunk whatever money they could beg, borrow, steal, or kill for into a complete house makeover to die for on a completely "underwater" property. From the moment I saw Pre-Cancerous Red daubing paint on the ends of framing 2x4's before they were encased within siding, I knew the BDG's were "digging in" for drug-based retirement.

These bimbos and their buddy boosters decided to "come out of the [pot] closet" after all this time, too. New Years Eve (2009-10) was an eventful celebration, with pot-smoking hangers-on caterwauling and railing against my taking pictures of the BDG's constantly yapping chihuahuas at midnight. During the Springtime, all three weed-women armed themselves with "420 cards" (medical marijuana doctor notes) and lost sowed some of their weed seeds onto my property while developing an unsecured outdoor grow for themselves. That situation, of course, required heavy pressure on the Manteca Police Department - via the Manteca Unified School District and Sierra High School - to bring that illegal operation into compliance with city code with more construction, the BDG's MJ Sheds.

City of Manteca Narco(leptic) Squad
 To recap, in 2010, Lyin' Lynda:
  • Stopped operating her catering truck business
  • Cleaned up bits of her illegal business plant
  • Put up tall fences, overtopped by surveillance cameras
  • Purchased and set up a "marijuana tent"
  • Planted marijuana openly
  • Rebuilt the main house
  • Built (and now operate) two marijuana sheds
But... did she pay her 2004 taxes? No.

So now, six years after the tax year ended - and 3 ½ years after the re-fi - a tax lien for 2004 income taxes was filed by the State of California against Lyin' Lynda Allen.
  1. What is her "state of mind" now? (Ooops... nonexistent.)
  2. What does she say? (Ooops... words times zero; sound and fury, signifying nothing.)
  3. What does she do? She has made it appear she is moving, but she is not leaving...
... until she dies.

The thought occurred, "What about income taxes for 2005 through 2010, state and federal? Are those in the tax lien pipeline also? It's happened before; could happen again. And what about that Board of Equalization sales tax account from the dead roach coaches? {The BDG's are probably still buying at Costco and elsewhere on the expired number.}"

Besides watching for a Notice of Default and more Tax Liens, other things to watch for are a fraudulent conveyance filing, or an informal property swap; and under all scenarios, whether the marijuana sheds are being operated by or for the benefit of non-residents of the property. The Manteca Unified School District would be very interested to hear about that last item.

- - - - - - - - - -

Ladies and gentlemen, charge your glass and be upstanding. Three cheers to life!

Cheers to Taxes!
.....(L/L echoes... Cheat Taxes!)

Cheers to Karma!
.....(L/L echoes... Cheat Karma!)

Cheers to Death!
.....(L/L echoes... Cheat Death! Smoke on!)

- - - - - - - - - -

Love your Enemies, for they tell you your Faults.
(Benjamin Franklin)

- - - - - - - - -
* benighted (adj) 1. Overtaken by night or darkness. 2. Being in a state of moral or intellectual darkness; unenlightened. [This word was invented just for Lyin' Lynda!]

** Sword of Damocles. Generally, it is used to denote the sense of foreboding engendered by a precarious situation, especially one in which the onset of tragedy is restrained only by a delicate trigger or chance.


Monday, April 11, 2011

BDG's Latest (Family) Business Expansion

aka, Green and Yellow and the Red Balloon

This is a follow up to the post of October 20, 2010, where I surmised the beginning of a new illegal business by Lyin' Lynda, Resectioned Red, and Cork-Screwed.)

The Barefoot Dirty Girls were busy this weekend - but not moving. As I predicted, the scenes of cars, trucks, and trailers convoys moving more shit off the property were just stage props for Lyin' Lynda to practice her fevered incantations and other office party games, like that old chestnut, "Gossip." (Her entire life has been a lie!)

The Kid and his pa came over several days to help Lyin' Auntie Lyn, and "Auntie" Red, and "Auntie" Cork-Screwed with the faรงade of activity. Bubba and Bubba Lite (you know, twice the size! half the calories!) schlepped a bunch of boxes to truck and trailer, ferried the junk elsewhere, and puttered around the yard, taking orders from the howlet-faced general like good little soldiers.

But man's and boy's real purpose was to build a wooden screen fence to block off the view of the marijuana sheds from the west, north, and east. (Aww, Fudge! Those just happen to be the sides viewable from the street, from my property, and from Sierra High School.) This will greatly ease the BDGs' smuggling of people and product in and out of the MJ Sheds, allowing them to train, grow, and distribute with less chance of detection.

That is, of course, unless they move... and have to turn the operation over to someone else. Who else could these baked dopey women trust to follow their orders better than blood kin? The scenario looks like this:
  • Take up long term residence elsewhere (not yet done)
  • Flood their property with guard dogs and surveillance (already done)
  • Set up the most kick-ass grow operation possible (pretty close)
  • Move a fall guy scion into place, trained in herbiculture and harvesting (but whom?)
  • Distribution - pretend they are Celia Hodes, "Weeds" character (done, done, and over done)
  • Hone their NsFH skills (baked to perfection)
  • Smoke happy grass happily ever after, or until their pea-brains are toasted (almost there!)

Sounds heavenly, huh?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Nuts shaken from the TLC family tree

The Keekin' Glass

How daur ye ca' me 'Howlet-face',
Ye blear-e'ed, wither'd spectre?
Ye only spied the keekin' glass,
An' there ye saw your picture.

(Robert Burns)


Friday, April 8, 2011

At Last! A Glimpse of the Promised Land!


main website for support, comraderie, counsel, etc.

I'm pretty sure Mr. Borzotta will have no problem with me mentioning his book and his website again.

The reason I bring the subject up, and show a screen print of the opening page of his site, is for the longer testimonial written in red that begins, "Wow, Bob!"... and ends with, "This book will provide the spark to rekindle the soul extinguished by evil neighbors."

Bob reminded me a while back that one of the examples in his book is called a "Dirty Girl." That was after he noticed my naming Lyin' Lynda, Ravaged Red, Cork-screwed, collectively as the Barefoot Dirty Girls (so named by one of their customers many years ago.)

To not be reprobate, I must express a big "Thank You" to Bob Borzotta for being one of the voices of reason on which I rested my sanity during the last couple years. At long last, I catch a glimpse of the Promised Land of peace and quiet not too far off.

Incidentally, I wrote that testimonial for him. Anyone care to guess who are the evil neighbors I refer to?

So long, Barefoot Dirty Girls. Good riddance. Vaya con Diablo.

May your next neighbors have extra helpings of God-given strength. {They're going to need it.}


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

BDG-TV Horror Movie: 8,545 Days of Terrorizing Neighbors

8,545 days (23.4 yrs) from their hostile takeover
Nov. 13, 1987, BDG convoy flees from Manteca.
Vaya con Diablo!

(source of great pic)

Yesterday, all three residents packed the Sebring to the gills with clothes. I'm sure the last things L/L and Beefy Brassey squeezed into that last bit of room were their girdles, hair curlers, and wedding dresses... {yuk, yuk...}

Then cars and trucks were shuffled around the yard just like a sliding numbers puzzle: 1) the Tahoe out of the tent; 2) Sebring into the tent; 3) Big-Ass Black Pickup backed into walkway for loading. {Tiring day; time to toke heavy before bed.}

After the usual pissing away of the morning hours, they spent a little time today packing crap in the B-A. B. P/U.

Now for the heavy stuff...

Can't wait for the moving trucks!

Take it all, but remember there's [at least one] light
on the tree that won't light on one side.


Monday, April 4, 2011

I'll Not Miss Them When They Go...

April 1, 2011

"Oprah Lyin' Lynda has been consistently listed with Jesus, Elvis and Cleopatra (really!)
as among those who have had the mightiest impact on the world. In general,
you have to be really, truly dead to have such stuff said about you."
(Eagerly anticipating her blessed entry into eternity,
I've already written the Requiem and Eulogy.)
- - - - -

The endlessly entertaining antics of the Barefoot Dirty Girls go on... uh,...endlessly. The libretto for this soap opera has endless pointless hopelessly convoluted plot twists that reveal the true motives of the characters.

We already know most of the narcissistic egotisms of Lyin' Lynda, but now the paparazzi aspect of her harrassing stalker personality has emerged full blown. No less than three times in the 56 minutes starting at 6:54 a.m., she and her ganja babe, Roll 'Em Red, "paced" between their house and mine. Showing some sort of Amazon tribal solidarity, L/L and R/R were wearing a uniform, their patented two-faced reversible sports jackets - a highly appropriate choice for them. (As a small credit to their artless tastes, however, they at least had the jackets turned to the same "face;" it just wouldn't be right otherwise.) At last, L/L had a chance to put her camera to use, attempting to take pictures of me in my side yard not viewable on her surveillance cameras. The Death's Head grin on her tightly lined, in-danger-of-splitting, leathery face confirmed the diagnosis.

- - - - -

Speaking of sweet ganja babes*... The Kid in the boxy little car came over again, third day in a row. (Damn! got that song, "Little Boxes," running in my head again.) This time he brought another old woman with him, who greeted Auntie Lyn with a hug and R/R with a handshake. Cork-Screwed, who had been bouncing around working in the back in only her training bra (again), came streaking up to the half-together gazebo to retrieve her black T-shirt (who wears black on an eighty-plus degree day?), only to find the Kid and the whole fam-damily as witnesses to her exhibitionism; she rated only a nod. ("Note to self," thought the visitor, "I'm not leaving my Kid around this s--t.") (2nd note: All day long that shirt was on and off more often than Lyin' Lynda's mouth was flapping.)

What C.J. thinks she looks like...
- - - - -

Rotunda Red

Speaking of sweet ganja babes - and beyond - Roll 'Em Red is not built for... shall we call it "naturism"?... but a different vice. As the deadly dull visit  love fest wore on, Auntie Red and the Kid strolled out to the MJ Sheds for a little one-on-one education. {wink! wink!} Who better to bring up the next generation than the brightest of apothecary to the BDG's, the one with a little book-learnin' and tons of hash-slingin' and vast experience a season in DIY herbiculture and drug-craft, all legal-like? (Go online, pay your $125 and get a "420 card," which bestows instant brilliance on the recipient, and then proceed with your descent from Dope... to Dopier... to Dopiest... to BDG.) Good luck with that education.

As a witness to the BDG's long history of evasion, pretense, and prevaricating, that last little episode confirms that, even being watched, these three will skirt and break this sketchiest of California's drug laws, the Compaaaasionate Use Act of 1996.

To wrap up the visit, the BDG's escorted Mama Bear and her cub to the East End to interest them in one of their innumerable vehicles. Odd choice, though, the Trash Truck couldn't get it up start up. Nope, Cork-Screwed had to go wheel out her sex toys battery charger and juice the old girl up. Not to worry, Kid, it's for the best. That beater's owners myopically missed the State of California's amnesty period for gross polluters. That truck should be turned in whenever it goes off the property.

Trash Truck

Besides, your Auntie Lyn, the Angel of Trash, still wants to be buried in her beloved Trash Truck... or in the relic MFPU. She doesn't know which, won't decide, can't figure out how to decide... you get the picture.

While hanging out working earlier in the day out in the East End, a few long items were loaded into Lyin' Lynda's Big-Ass Black Pickup, which Cork-Screwed hauled away, returning unladen 32 minutes later.

A semi-official source (albeit unreliable, even adversarial) revealed that all the BDG's frenetic purging activity (including Cork-Screwed's obsession with weed-killer?) is prelude to them moving. Let me tell you, that was a real knee-slapper! Someone was lying - again! still! (Not the Oregon story again!) I didn't know whether to laugh or cry - or, that is, guffaw in derision or shed tears of joy. My bet is on this being a desperate repetition of the same, lame deflective lie that Lyin' Lynda shoots off whenever the heat gets too hot. Like a dog returns to her vomit, and a sow to her wallow, Lyin' Lynda always returns to her cesspool of lies and deceptions.**

The crying shame is that certain people (her targets) are paralyzed by her verbal flash-bang and actually believe her, or at least doubt themselves, long enough for her to shift the focus and assiduously shovel blame onto someone else with more out-and-out lies, semi-plausible half-truths, oily innuendos, and non-stop yammering. She lies and self-justifies because she knows she evaporates if she's quiet, yet not realizing she is already devoid of any redeeming social value (one definition of pornography, Miller v. California, 1973.) Those who believe her or gullibly repeat her mutterings are patsies, deceived accessories - part of the problem, not the solution.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
* Michael Franti & Spearhead - Ganja Babe

I wanna make it slow
I wanna make it slow
Make me feel ya

Heavy medicine
ya see my eyes are feeling red again
I'm bringin' light
like Thomas funky Edison
been in the desert for forty seven days
Purple Haze
the poison that I tasted never changed
turn up the woofers so I can feel the beat
vibrate my belly like a bomb in harmony
summer heat
my back is sticking to me to the seat
bare feet
tank top and shorts is all ya need
summer breeze
I'm feelin' kinda fine
I'm rollin with my shorty all the time
wind and grind lovely shake your behind
cinnamon skin be bringing sin to my mind
but whether or not the weather's hot
or the weather's cold
I'm wrapping her like a blanket with my whole soul
so that she can feel me
like Coca Cola I'm the woo-o-oh oh the sweet thing
my girl lollipop she growing mad crops
she rollin' herbs everyday
at about 4 o' clock
tick tock
strike the hammer while the Iron's hot
ooh girl watcha got cooking in the pot
see Mary Mary quite contrary
how does your garden grow?
Hydrophonic ultra supersonic
or does it grow naturally slow?

Ganja babe my sweet ganja babe
I love tha way ya love me and the way ya misbehavin'
ganja babe my sweet ganja babe
come wake body-ody take my mind away

Everybody get down and do the boogaloo
just like the cover of I want you
yoo hooo look watcha gonna do
watcha gonna do when the rent comes due
round up the posse and call up the crew
5 bucks at the door and ya bring ya own booze
call ya neighbor 'cause they can come too
be sure and bring ya records 'cause I only got a few
so baa baa black sheep have you any wool
yes sir, yes sir a nickle bagful
one for my partner one for my crew
some for my ganja baby she needs 2
cuz just like me they want to be... high!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
** 2 Peter 2:22  The dog is turned to her own vomit again, and the sow that was washed, to her wallowing in the mire.


How Foolish Can April Fools Be?

April 1, 2011

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