Thursday, April 14, 2011

Life's Certainties: Taxes, Karma, and Death



Karma has returned to Lyin' Lynda the sobriquet,

"Tax Cheat"

- - - - - - - - - -

A few days ago, my attorney and I were kicking some things around and he asked about Lyin' Lynda's latest subterfuge, her claim to be moving. Here is the lopsided scale:

FOR Moving
  • Lyin' Lynda's word (worthless)
  • A few away trips with household junk and yard jetsam
  • Absence of FOR SALE signs or FOR RENT signs
  • No realtors or prospects viewing the house
  • Remaining business trucks, containers, equipment, and sheds litter the property
  • Inoperative cars and trucks still on property
  • Marijuana sheds fully tended in day and night operation
  • New screening fence for marijuana sheds
  • Cork-Screwed's travel trailer still in place
  • Earthwork being done on their south property line

Then my attorney asked about any filed Notices of Default on mortgage payments. None... yet. But that question brought up the latest public filing against our addicted heroine, a Notice of State Tax Lien, on November 19, 2010.

You see, Lyin' Lynda didn't pay her state income taxes for 2004, and a tax lien of over $9,700 has been attached "to all property and rights to such property now owned or later acquired by the taxpayer." (Penalty, interest and collection fees account for $4,319 of the total - and interest is still accruing.) Such things go through several phases of attempted collection before reaching the level of a tax lien. Technically, it still hasn't been collected - the people of the State of California are still carrying Lyin' Lynda's dead ass.

(karma credits)

So, just what did this "Maven of Mucking About" do with all that money back in 2004 and 2005? Hmmm... let's go back on her timeline to see what was going on.

Ah, there it is. 2004 was a year of consolidating, wherein Ms. "Screw-the-Grid" Businesswoman attempted to become self-sufficient (To hell with the world!), retreating into her own little survivalist compound. She paid one of those fly-by-night "green" contractors (Power Independence Electric, long since out of business) tens of thousands of dollars to install seven huge solar panels, and related paraphernalia, on her property - after pulling a City of Manteca permit in the name of her dead neighbor.

And she didn't pay her taxes for that year.

"Well," you ask, "why didn't she pay those taxes in 2005, or 2006, or 2007?"

What?! You're asking me to think like Lyin' Lynda??? No can do. Besides, according to her freeloading freebie Farmers Insurance lawyer in the civil suit currently lodged against her, there is "no way of single-handedly divining Ms. Allen's state of mind and determining what was 'intentional' and what was not. Making a unilateral judgment as to another person's state of mind... [particularly unsupported]... is offensive and wholly irresponsible." (What did he say? It takes two people to tell if Lynda's Lyin'?) There you have it, L/L's primary defense, entitled, "I can do whatever the hell I want to and there's not an F'n thing you can do or say about it!"
  1. "State of mind" presupposes a mind capable of having a state. We can safely ignore that improbability.
  2. What Lyin' Lynda says, whether offensive or defensive (never friendly), can likewise be weighted with the appropriate discount factor - ie., multiply by zero.
  3. That leaves only the actions of this benighted* woman from which to judge.
Don't even think to tell me these are unwarranted or unsupported allegations; this entire blog is dedicated to documenting the arrogant insanities of this hellcat - the yawning chasms separating her offensive words and her damnable actions. No reasonable person needs to judge her "state of [nonexistent] mind;" merely observe what issues from her mouth, her ass, or whatever other body cavity she elects to void at the moment.

- - - - - - - - - -

Fast forward to 2007 - with Lyin' Lynda's 2004 back taxes and penalties still unpaid. The real estate market was still hot as the year opened. But, because her slop trough business... uhn, TLC Catering... was not properly feeding the Three Lying Cxxxs ... Little Cxxxs ... Little Pigs, she decided to refinance 810 Fishback Street to pay for the solar power system, the threesome's living and loving expenses, and for her hobby business. With her impeccable timing, in April she wrung $250,000 - every nickel of paper equity - out of Dog-Shit Paradise. Of course, that was just before the Sword of Damocles** fell on her (and everyone else in an over-leveraged, underwater mortgage) when the real estate bubble burst.

But did she pay her tax obligation with some of her "free money"? Hell no! Not this Angel of Meat Wagons. Instead she tried to continue illegally running her business from her residential property, and continuing a hellish nuisance at the same time.

In 2009, Lyin' Lynda and Regurgitated Red were sued for illegal land use (a public matter) and noise nuisance - by yours truly. They decided to go out of business instead of moving it to a properly zoned place.

But did she pay her 2004 taxes? No.

In an incredibly clever move - more like, unfathomable - this dishrag diva went on a building spree in 2010. She and the other Barefoot Dirty Girls sunk whatever money they could beg, borrow, steal, or kill for into a complete house makeover to die for on a completely "underwater" property. From the moment I saw Pre-Cancerous Red daubing paint on the ends of framing 2x4's before they were encased within siding, I knew the BDG's were "digging in" for drug-based retirement.

These bimbos and their buddy boosters decided to "come out of the [pot] closet" after all this time, too. New Years Eve (2009-10) was an eventful celebration, with pot-smoking hangers-on caterwauling and railing against my taking pictures of the BDG's constantly yapping chihuahuas at midnight. During the Springtime, all three weed-women armed themselves with "420 cards" (medical marijuana doctor notes) and lost sowed some of their weed seeds onto my property while developing an unsecured outdoor grow for themselves. That situation, of course, required heavy pressure on the Manteca Police Department - via the Manteca Unified School District and Sierra High School - to bring that illegal operation into compliance with city code with more construction, the BDG's MJ Sheds.

City of Manteca Narco(leptic) Squad
 To recap, in 2010, Lyin' Lynda:
  • Stopped operating her catering truck business
  • Cleaned up bits of her illegal business plant
  • Put up tall fences, overtopped by surveillance cameras
  • Purchased and set up a "marijuana tent"
  • Planted marijuana openly
  • Rebuilt the main house
  • Built (and now operate) two marijuana sheds
But... did she pay her 2004 taxes? No.

So now, six years after the tax year ended - and 3 ½ years after the re-fi - a tax lien for 2004 income taxes was filed by the State of California against Lyin' Lynda Allen.
  1. What is her "state of mind" now? (Ooops... nonexistent.)
  2. What does she say? (Ooops... words times zero; sound and fury, signifying nothing.)
  3. What does she do? She has made it appear she is moving, but she is not leaving...
... until she dies.

The thought occurred, "What about income taxes for 2005 through 2010, state and federal? Are those in the tax lien pipeline also? It's happened before; could happen again. And what about that Board of Equalization sales tax account from the dead roach coaches? {The BDG's are probably still buying at Costco and elsewhere on the expired number.}"

Besides watching for a Notice of Default and more Tax Liens, other things to watch for are a fraudulent conveyance filing, or an informal property swap; and under all scenarios, whether the marijuana sheds are being operated by or for the benefit of non-residents of the property. The Manteca Unified School District would be very interested to hear about that last item.

- - - - - - - - - -

Ladies and gentlemen, charge your glass and be upstanding. Three cheers to life!

Cheers to Taxes!
.....(L/L echoes... Cheat Taxes!)

Cheers to Karma!
.....(L/L echoes... Cheat Karma!)

Cheers to Death!
.....(L/L echoes... Cheat Death! Smoke on!)

- - - - - - - - - -

Love your Enemies, for they tell you your Faults.
(Benjamin Franklin)

- - - - - - - - -
* benighted (adj) 1. Overtaken by night or darkness. 2. Being in a state of moral or intellectual darkness; unenlightened. [This word was invented just for Lyin' Lynda!]

** Sword of Damocles. Generally, it is used to denote the sense of foreboding engendered by a precarious situation, especially one in which the onset of tragedy is restrained only by a delicate trigger or chance.



Anonymous said...

Wow! What investigation skills! Genius!

noisemaker said...

Thanks for the prop. Yet none of this counts for anything in the City of Manteca, or the County of San Joaquin, or the State of California, in either the Executive, Legislative, or Judicial branches of goverment. Obviously, not even MONEY gets the laggards going.