Monday, May 23, 2011

Sierra High (c) Marijuana Growing Company


Saturday was a busy day at the fortified compound and marijuana growing operation at 810 Fishback Street in Manteca.

After the Barefoot Dirty Girls vacated the premises last Easter, the place has finally achieved the level of quiet it should have had for the last four years - actually, the last twenty-three years.

However, the announced visit of the CEO of the Sierra High (c) Marijuana Growing Company, Lyin' Lynda Allen, and her entourage of Cork-Screwed lovers caused so great anticipation that on Friday the sentinel sharecropper, Bubba Lite, busted out the yard tools and trimmed and mowed and blew. He also cleaned up the construction mess from the constant building taking place inside the house, the Smokehouse, and the marijuana sheds. (He usually starts with the saw about 7:00-8:00 p.m. and hammering continues well into the night.)

Saturday's family reunion & pot harvest celebration was a monumental affair. Cars and trucks and people overran the property all afternoon like a plague of locusts, coming and going, and hootin' and hollerin', interspersed with periods of fortifyin' smoking. Because they were celebrating, third world style, the payday of their psychoactive cash crop, the only thing missing was the shooting of guns into the air. (Hey, blockhead, watch where you're aiming that thing!)

Lyin' Lynda arrived in Resectioned Red's black SUV and held court as only she can, hollering and ordering everyone around, telling lies, emitting that high, cackling death rattle that passes for her laugh.

Cork-Screwed brought her own process server evasion car. She strode around the barren compound as if she owned the place. Her part, no doubt, was to oversee the production operations: weed growing, harvesting, and processing standards, young Bubba's employee performance standards (free rent, no work, except growing and protecting our weed, and watching our big screen TV), and to enforce the strict standards for collection and disposal of dog shit.

It was a fine day for the pickup truck rally events, and it was capped off with a magic show worthy of a Las Vegas illusionist. At 5:46 p.m., Cork-Screwed's peripatetic Wilderness Advantage travel trailer disappeared! In its place appeared a trailered pair of personal watercraft (which have before been seen on the propertry. Free rent at Auntie Lyn's!) Wherever the travel trailer went, it will probably fit snugly behind Allen's and Brassey's single-wide - effectively making it a double-wide - thus allowing Green finally (!) to sleep in a bed by herself. (Yeah, poor sod, it's been a whole month since the Exodus... a long time to be cooped up with those other two.)

- - - - - -

The HUGE open issue in this BDG property swap charade is: Under both state and city law, marijuana grown on private property is for resident(s) use only, and only under physician recommendation. When it is grown for or given to non-residents, the operation is deemed a cooperative - and cooperatives are illegal within one thousand feet of a school. In this case, the BDG's cooperative adjoins Sierra High School. (See here for last year's prediction.)

Knock! Knock! MPD, where are you?

As I understand it, MPD and San Joaquin County DA's office don't give a shit about dope and dopers. So far, since 1996, they have failed to put in place any procedures to track registrants, caregivers, so-called legal cooperatives, and those illegal things called cannibis clubs.

Must we again notify Manteca Unified School District of an illegal drug house operating on their border, contrary to Education Code and other sections of Health and Safety Code?

Perhaps the DEA might like to hear about this breaking of federal drug law - AND - California's own skanky drug legalization law, the Compaaaasionate Use Act?