Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Beginning of a New Illegal Business Operation?


Simply amazing! The Winchester/Manteca Mystery House wannabes are at it again...

At 0800 hrs Tuesday these two new sheds did not exist; at 1330 hrs the tent had been moved, the buildings hammered up, and the roofers had them almost shingled! The buildings have no visible windows or doors (except, maybe, facing each other.) I'm told these are legal accessory buildings, each the allowable maximum of 120 square feet, no closer than three feet to any fence line, not requiring city building permits.

Here is my working conjecture: These sheds are going to be the BDGs defense against the misdemeanor charge they must answer on November 9th for growing marijuana in the open, violating Manteca's code. Also, the BDGs are counting on Proposition 19 passing (legalizing marijuana in California) and they will be ready to go into business, using one of these sheds as the growing room and the other the drying, hand picking, and packaging shed. (The manufacturing facilities will be stationary, but in the picture above, note the fleet of commercial distribution trucks still on the property, packed into the back corner.)

There are a few problems with that plan, however. Just like their illegal catering business operation, this agricultural venture is on a residential lot, it is not grandfathered, and there is no city permit to run a home occupation or a marijuana collective, growing and selling/bartering dope.

Ah, but the Barefoot Dirty Girls will protest, saying that they are merely growing it for their own use. Really? Just how much weed do these three potheads use?

Oh, oh...! {waving hand wildly} I forgot to share this information earlier. All three BDGs have medical marijuana cards! Do you know how impossible those odds are - that all three shrews should come down with debilitating and painful conditions* requiring marijuana treatment all at the same time? When I mentioned that to a friend, he snorted and said, "They've been smoking it all along. And... how do you think their catering truck gig survived so long?" (Well... that and the "saving" of business property rents for the operation...)

And just how did they arrange the caregiver appointments amongst the three newly-(belated-as-usual!)-legalized, card-carrying dopers? My guess is like this:

(...similar to their other kind of daisy chain...)

Back on task... The instant any weed is sold or traded to anyone other than the three residents, the operation violates the Home Occupation zoning code. The instant any weed is grown for, or "exchanged" with, other medical marijuana users, the operation becomes a collective within one thousand feet of school property, which is a violation of the Medical Marijuana health & safety code (as most of the law still stands currently.)

Of course, once Red's pink ribbon problem is concluded (either interim or final), these sheds could be loaded onto a flatbed trailer and hauled to Oregon... except Lynda lies.

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* From the CUA, Sec 11362.5, 1996:
" the treatment of cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, migraine, or any other illness for which marijuana provides relief."
Unfortunately, dope cannot relieve Lynda's problems - it only makes them worse.

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