Friday, October 15, 2010

This Week At The CCTV Movies


Remember, last week the foreign language speaking handyman crew started prepping the Bally walk-in freezer for removal, but they stopped when the BDGs traipsed* off for the weekend. The new orders were to build the front screening fence. When the fence was finished, they still did not go back to the Bally freezer.

I'm not sure what wild hairs grew up Red's, Yellow's and Green's asses... but...

Instead, the tall ladder was moved from the Bally and used to put up a CCTV surveillance camera, which I discovered when I returned home last Monday night. Below is a view in Tuesday's morning light from outside and just beneath my bedroom window.

Sure is a funny looking camera, you say? Yeah, maybe it's just a joke on the BDG's part and they really do not plan to deploy it. Why else would they put a bag on its head? (Really, it's only because they do not have enough CCTV cable to hook it up yet because it's too far from the DVR.)

(If Yellow, Red, and Green really, really need to put bags over something,
let me suggest their three heads... and make the bags airtight around their necks.)

Besides, the BDGs really went crazy and diverted their attention to what I call Camera 1 because the next day this camera appeared, mounted high on the gable of their newly remodeled house:

It is NOT so much watching their yard and fence - it is pointed directly at my yard, my house, my bedroom window.

Who were you calling a Peeping Tom the other day, Lynda?
(...and I thought Felix was a smart lad.)

Let me repeat what I said about picture-taking and surveillance:

  • I take pictures of Lynda's, Theresa's, and Cornelia's
    • illegal activities (business, dogs, trailers, containers, commercial vehicles, etc.),
    • their noncompliant structures (mobile home, sheds, porches, etc.), and
    • their prohibited business relationships in a residential district (supplier deliveries, etc.)
    to effect the discontinuance and abatement of these zoning violations. I have sub-ZERO desire for the likenesses of the Three Beaches, and even less interest in their personal relationships.
  • Lynda takes pictures and surveils me for what purpose? This is not the first time she has openly taken photographs. Does she think to use the pictures in her legal defense? Does she get her "jollies" from them? It must be the latter because this CCTV camera is aimed at my house - at my bedroom window.

Also this week, another CCTV mounting pole appeared down on the end of their property. This picture shows Camera 2 (with the bag over its head) and the pole to be set for Camera 4 (the middle pole). The pole on the left is an old pole on the property line fence, probably used for lighting many years ago.

And, finally, on Friday at noon the bag is off Camera 2 and it has been joined by Camera 3. And the pole for Camera 4 is no longer visible, probably being prepped for setting.

My beef with these yokels is that:
  • Noise from the illegal TLC Catering business was an intrusion,
  • The yard radio still is a retaliatory continuation of that intrusion, and
  • This latest intrusion of CCTV surveillance represents Lynda's middle finger in the air.
  • (I can suggest a few other places she can stick it! No, I'm sure she doesn't - cannot - get "jollies" any more.)
Lynda's purpose with these cameras is consistent with her lying, deceitful and obnoxious behavior over her twenty-three years on 810 Fishback Street - doing whatever she takes into her head, even (or, especially) if it annoys the hell out of her neighbors. She is the definition of a true Neighbor From Hell. Her only goal in life is to intrude and impose her miserable person on someone else... on anyone else... on everyone else... and then cry, "Foul," when her victims protest or try to protect themselves. This angel of death pleasures herself with negative attention and orgasms when sucking the good from the lives of others and destroying it. Her flanking harpies learned their lessons well from her, and allowed their lives to be consumed by her, too.

And you thought chainsaw slasher movies were scary?
Coming soon to an Oregon neighborhood near you.

How soon?
I told you before, believe NOTHING Lynda says! She still here, ain't she?

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
* traipse (v, used without object) 1. to walk or go aimlessly or idly or without finding or reaching one's goal: We traipsed all over town looking for Zig-Zag papers.

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