Tuesday, December 14, 2010

O.M.G.! Hilarious O.G.M.* Highlights From 2010

Documenting Three Years of
Stupid Pet Neighbor BDG Tricks
Volume 3 contains only the first half of 2010
Volume 4, the second half, is nearing completion

Happy Valentines Day, Mike! - On or about February 15th 2010 - The Barefoot Dirty Girls shut down their illegal operation of TLC Catering and Commissary. (See here for a copy of their slothful and absurdly tardy Admissions, which didn't come through until November.)

T.L.C. - an acronym for Triumvirate** of Lickety-Cxxxx Splits; specif. a group of three old lesbians, who look and act like men, and mistakenly believe they have decision making authority or abilities.
Burnin' 'em down at TLC's kick-ass, day-long
going-out-of-business party, March 2010

The Pimples Are Ready For Popping - April 2010 - Loud and long outdoor radio playing (as early as 6:00 a.m. - as late as 10:00 p.m. - every day - even when they are gone from the property) from Christmas, through New Years, through Easter, to April 28th, when the BDG puss-pockets reached full turgidity, bursted, and earned themselves a radio nuisance infraction (citation #1.) The radio nuisance has continued all year since, in spite of the official actions and filings made against them.

There's A Reason It's Called "Dope" - Springtime 2010 - The fried-brain BDG's managed to plant marijuana - on both our properties. Sowing their bad seeds widely is something they've done for at least a quarter-century. Eventually they had at least a dozen weeds growing openly in the planter under the solar panels.

Discovery of "wildly sown" marijuana, June 12, 2010
Cornelia's Political "Contribution" - June 2010 - I finally discovered that Manteca Mayor, Willie Weatherford, is the Barefoot Dirty Girls' connection to City Hall and political protector for their illegal land use as TLC Catering and Commissary. (See here for the followup story of Weatherford and council OK'ing Manteca's own illegal child care business enterprise spanning ten years before being caught. The whole sordid story illustrates the depth of corruption infecting local government in the City of Manteca.)

Summer of Re-Construction - May, June, July - BDG's provided fulltime employment [cash basis?] of foreign language speaking [documented?] trabajadores, Alex and Joaquin, to demolish and reconstruct back porch (missing permit), remodel and re-roof house (reluctantly obtained permits), re-side house (Sears pulled permit.) Despite her abberant ways, the "Mouth" still had the [Big Brassey Balls] to tell an inspector, "You're NOT putting a ladder against MY new roof!" using her high, screechy, smoker's voice.

Illegal Mobile Home Demolished - July 2010 - Twenty-eight years after its last licensing expired, the illegal mobile home, which served as the commissary for the illegal TLC Catering business operation, was finally demolished by trabajaderos. I sent a follow up letter to the City of Manteca regarding abandonment of 812 Fishback Street as a "real" address on the property (APN 222-11-003, or 810 Fishback Street.)

Fifteen Months of Stonewalling - August 2010 - BDG's first use of the excuse, "cancer in the family," to avoid answering discovery demands in the lawsuit. It eventually came out that Red has breast cancer. The cancer must have afflicted all their brains, however, to think that for even one second they are excused from the demands of the lawsuit. Anesthetized or dead, maybe... but cannabis doped, no.

Sierra High School v. Marijuana Farm Team - August 2010 - Manteca Unified School District Board of Trustees, Sierra High administration, and Manteca Police Department (finally!) get involved. MPD issued a citation (citation #2) to the BDG's for openly growing and processing marijuana on their property adjoining the high school. It eventually came out that all three Barefoot Dirty Girls have medical marijuana cards, under California's (stupid) Compaaaaassionate Use Act of 1996.

Big-Ass Tent and Weeklong Yard Sale - August/September 2010 -
"And what's with that giant tent in their yard now? It beats me to hell all the shit they constantly haul onto their property! It's like living next to a cross-pollinated wrecking yard, flea market, and opium den."
It was eventually demonstrated that the big-ass tent was their marijuana drying shed.

Animal Control Citation - September 2010 - One year from the original complaint, the BDG's are (finally!) cited by Animal Control (citation #3) for too many dogs on the property. As of year end, the number of dogs still exceeds the allowable limit of three. The BDG's remain out of compliance, the normal condition for them. "Lickety-Lips" Lynda claims "the dogs are my children." The phrase, "sons of bitches," takes on literal meaning here. {So cute... they look just like her, too, especially the pissy little chihuahuas.}

810 Garden Gnomes Remove Icemaker - September 2010 - Icemaker removed. (Finally fuckin' time!)

Icemaker gone - Marijuana tent added
Winchester Mystery House (Manteca-style) - October 2010 - BDG's moved the marijuana tent and constructed (more foreign language speaking labor) two sheds for their next "home-grown" operation. Of course, if the weed is distributed (sold, traded, or free) off the property or grown "cooperatively" for nonresidents, the BDG's will be operating illegally, breaking the very law they are pretending to hide behind.

Peeping Tom-boys - October 2010 - Lickety-Lips ordered her trabajederos to set up CCD surveillance cameras to "watch her fence" or "to provide security." Of course, she just makes shit up. What Lyin' Lynda really wants is to watch my yard, track when I get up, leave, return, and retire, and generally intimidate and harass me for sustaining this lawsuit against her intimidating noise nuisance and harassing actions. Go figure... Just exactly what organ does she use for brains?

Continuing the "Grandfathered" Lie - December 2010 - I still can't tell you how the mediation session went... so quit asking!

* * * * *

Despite the best efforts of the Barefoot Dirty Girls to completely waste the year, a couple good things did happen.

Affidavit of Misrepresentation - June 2010 - I obtained an affidavit from the original letter writer recanting TLC Catering's "grandfather" letter of June 29, 1993.

City Council Elections - November 2010 - I ran third for one of the two open seats, polling 4,000 votes.

Extinguishment of nonconforming use status - December 2010 - I notified the City of Manteca to rescind the nonconforming use status next door - by letter - due to the time limits of suspended operation spelled out in the city code.

- - - - - - -
* O.G.M. - Old Gay Maids

An acquaintance recently commented that there is "nothing sadder than two old lesbians."

My response was that three old lesbians living together was surely worse, especially when they refuse to make a "clean breast" of things.

But such deviance is actually cause for celebration in Pinole Tracy Manteca San Francisco, the city of Gavin (Any Twosome) Newsome, the recently elected Lieutenant Governor of California:


** A triumvirate (from Latin, "of three men") is a political regime dominated by three powerful individuals, each a triumvir (pl. triumviri). The arrangement can be formal or informal, and though the three are usually equal on paper, in reality this is rarely the case. Like Caesar in ancient Rome's First Triumvirate, Lying' Lynda is thoroughly established in her sole rule as perpetual dictator, a self-declared legend in her own time mind.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Arrested Development: BDG's Mental and Emotional Age


This cartoonist's tableau faithfully depicts just how far Lyin' Lynda, Resectioned Red, and Corkscrewed Cornelia have regressed...  progressed along life's road to mature human interactions. Their claims to a grandfathered nonconforming use of property are almost as well reasoned as the high chair crowd, and their legal defense of creamed peas being flung back at every charge or demand is simply brilliant, worthy of any toddler two and under.

... are so ...     ... am not ...
... are so ...     ... am not ...
... are so ...     ... am not ...

They shriek their tantrum, "But, we're caterers! We're cooks and caterers and druggies ...  We got rights... We gotta right. {Screw our grown-up responsibilities!} We'll throw enough gooey, slimy, smelly mashed leaf leafy, green vegetables at him and he'll go away."

Or their other knee-jerk reactions:
  • "Not enough noise for you? Well, here's some MORE!"
  • "You watched us run our illegal activities... so we're gonna invade your property and privacy as Peeping Tomboys with our cameras. So there!"
  • "We stopped our illegal business, but F-U if you think we'll cop to being in the wrong for twenty-three years!"
Not surprising, though. Unfortunately for all of us, none of them has had any children (as far as known) to show them the way and help them grow up. But on the celestially brighter and positive side: now that that shallow eddy of the gene pool has dried up, they can't replicate and it's only a matter of time (a short time, we pray) before they quit consuming our oxygen and producing their methane and second-hand pot smoke.

No fool! This AIN'T tobaccy!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Abstract Discussion of No Mediation in Particular

A Day of Dredging For Pearls in the Swineyard

Let me be perfectly clear - I cannot tell you anything about yesterday's mediation set-to, or you'd have to kill me... or sue me... or threaten to sue me... or call me bad names... or step up some indeterminate harassment activity... or something... I think… Are we clear? (Actually, I think Lynda would be happy to accept any size rub-out contract. Hell, she'd probably do it for free.)

You see, we were made to sign this long-ass document, printed on 50-lb, high rag content, colored-to-look-like-parchment paper, which had at least eleven paragraphs and numerous obscure references to totally opaque, serialized sections of something called the CCP. (It ain't called a Code for nothin’ and I think this gobbledy-gook CCP is where lawyers get their secret passwords and handshakes that exclude the unwashed masses from meddling in their solicitous divinations; you know, the second oldest profession in the world, where johns clients pay to be fondled manipulated until they feel really, really good, hoping for a happy ending.) The upshot of the parchment scroll was to call the entire afternoon's doings a secret, cloaked in mystery, and locked away as an enigma [h/t Churchill], forever more... forever more... to be referred to henceforth only as That-Which-Cannot-Be-Mentioned. Its official-sounding title is Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

However, at the risk of losing my family jewels, I will tell you that the high point of this consensus building farce, this complete and utter waste of time and money, this totally unnecessary circus act hoop set up for the performance by caged animals (litigants) for the amusement and enrichment of spectators (trial lawyers), under the indefensible pretense that an emotions-guided, endocrine-powered, brain dead, irrational person can be "helped" to arrive at a sane and reasonable settlement {breathe}... Where am I? Oh, yes, the high point came during one of the interminable breaks while the mediator was "facilitating" the defendant's "undue process," when my attorney noted a framed print of a sailing vessel on the conference room wall and launched into an exposition of the design differences between single-mast sloops, double-mast ketches, and two- or three-mast schooners.

Uhmm... is this one going to be on the test?

I paid close attention half a mind to sailing because the other half wandered off to marvel at the illegal and immoral bestial treatment Lynda Allen, et al, forced upon Roger and Flora Stewart for twenty years, and why said defendant is so like a burdened backcountry burro, which will on a whim dig in its heels and even sit on its ass to avoid the inevitable stream crossing. After all, one has to cross the Jordan River to arrive at the beautiful shore. All in all, my attorney’s discourse was a most expensive lecture on the arcane art of sailing vessel rigging; but he, of course, will tell me it was complimentary (a "comp" for all you casino gamblers out there); however, I view it more like a cheap, plastic toy in a box of Cracker Jacks © co-packed under the Niemen Marcus © label.

Fortunately, we were interrupted and pressed back into our titular Salvador Dali orgy before he could drag in keel-less dinghies or the rum-running cutters of a past era. Still, I cannot, nor do I care to, go into the details of the countless proposals and counter-proposals made by the parties, since they were all trivial, meaningless really, mere martial sparring on a different killing field. Nor can I comment on, nor confirm or deny, any settlement reached.

Defendant preparation consists of long hits of homegrown weed

Again putting my family jewels on the line, my biggest heartache is the rejection I suffer daily from my inconsiderate neighbor. How can she be so insensitive to set aside so lightly the attentions I pay to her? Who else writes poems about her exploitations? Who else considers her every scuffing step, her every shuffling move, her every shrill, whiney cry over commissaries and dogs, catering trucks and dogs, travel trailers and dogs, Raiders Radio and dogs, foreign language speaking handymen and dogs, and openly grown weed and the self-medicated doggie-doctors who write Medical Marijuana Recommendations? Why does she give herself, lickety-split*, to another… to more than one other? Why does she Go Green when her main squeeze goes under the knife? The only consolation I can extend is the possibility that her life partner returns completed - and with today's technologies and materials, perhaps more than whole - with perky, bouncy, revitalized and chewable virtually indestructible Big Brassy [sp?] Boobs! What a complement that would be to her own pair of Big Brassy Balls, which were on exhibitionistic display for all to see yesterday (along with the noted, most obvious odor of Sierra High © mary janes wafting reeking from her clothes and person to fill the mediator's office.)

Did you ever think that lawyers possess certain traits - in spades - in common with practitioners of the world’s oldest profession these women? Boy, can they ever dish dirt on each other! I’m guessing the comments of the lifer lawyers regarding the light C.V. and off-topic experience of the fresh-faced Farmer’s Insurance paid shill were supposed to ingratiate themselves to me, but the feeling I took away was towering anger that my legal bill skyrockets while some punk kid with a new sheepskin from Podunk U. Law cuts his teeth at Auntie Lyn’s breast. [I misspoke; the mere thought of letting a man that close to her is abhorrent to her.] She probably schmoozed him into believing that she is the Grandfather Grandmother of All Good and his teeth sticking out through his upper lip is a normal sign of growing up.

I came across a .pdf report the other day, published by the American Journal of Mediation - for anyone who has any interest whatsoever - about the fifteen common reasons for mediation failures and the few clichéd pablums** for achieving a successful outcome.

But I still can't tell you the outcome.

Back on October 22nd (and posted for you all to read on November 19th) I outlined for my attorney an objective measure of Lickety-Split Lynda's prospective cooperation, to wit:
The [surveillance] cameras must be removed forthwith; else the presumption of good faith in mediation [on December 7th] will be nullified.

The measure: The cameras are still up and operational on December 8th.

Combining Lyin' Lynda's history and the objective measure above, any rational, reasonable person can guess the outcome without me saying it.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Meaning: headlong, at full speed.

Origin: This is an American phrase in origin, possibly with Scottish influences, and isn't commonly used in other countries. Lickety may be taken from lick, meaning speed - as in 'going at quite a lick'. That usage is known by the early 19th century. For example, this piece from Thomas Donaldson's Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect, 1809:

"Ere I get a pick, In comes young Nannie wi' a lick."

It is variously spelled in early citations but, whatever the spelling, it is just as likely to be a nonsense word, not pertaining to anything in particular. The first record of it in print is in D. McKillop's Poems, 1817:

"I rattl'd owre the A, B, C, as fast as lickitie An' read like hickitie."

The hiciktie in that line may be a version of heck - itself a euphemism for hell. I can't find out anything about Mr. McKillop but I would guess he was a Scottish gentleman - Donaldson certainly was. Lickitie in that spelling certainly wouldn't look out of place in Scotland.

The second word of the term is just an intensifier, and 'split' was settled on eventually. That is first cited in American Speech, 1848, as 'lickoty split'. Lickety may have been imported into the USA via immigration from Scotland. Split seems to have been added in the USA.

The many variations on 'lickety split', for example 'licketty cut', 'lickety click', 'lickoty split' suggest an invented onomatopoeic phrase. It is suggestive of phrases like clickety-click which mimic trains running across points.

Also of American origin is the more recent vulgar usage of the term to mean cunnilingus. This isn't common even in the USA and dates from the 1960s. It first appeared in print in the jokes section of Playboy Magazine, January 1970, in a joke about Mae West which I'll leave to your imagination.

** pablum 1. (Trademark) a Canadian brand of soft, bland cereal for infants 2. (lowercase) (n) trite, naive, or simplistic ideas or writings; intellectual pap.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Extinguish v. Exterminate...


Yellow and Red have their permanent pariah protégé and
personal protector do pest control act as their good will ambassador

(Ever notice how everything the BDGs do
has to make loud noise? ...or smoke?)

- - - - - - - - -

Today I posted the following letter to the City of Manteca's Director of Community Development:

City of Manteca
Attn: Frederick Clark
1001 W Center Street
Manteca, CA 95336


Re: Determination of extinguishment of nonconforming use status at 810 Fishback Street, Manteca, CA

Dear Mr. Clark,

I am requesting a letter of determination from you memorializing the extinguishment of the nonconforming use status accorded to the property neighboring mine, at 810 Fishback Street, Manteca, CA 95337, on June 29, 1993. Attached is the City of Manteca letter of that date.

The nonconforming use, a business known as TLC Catering and its associated private commissary, ceased operation “on or about February 15, 2010.” Attached is the owner’s verification of that date, declared by her “under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California.” From that date to this, the business operation has not resumed; indeed, key elements of physical plant have been removed, though much remains.

Because a nonconforming use “runs with the land” and was granted by letter in this case, this official determination is necessary to extinguish the nonconforming use designation. A copy of Manteca Municipal Code, Section 17.55.020, is included for your reference to the necessary elapsed time periods fulfilling the extinguishment requirements.

I remain committed to seeing this rehabilitation project through and greatly desire your willing cooperation in this matter. I stand ready to talk with you, meet with you, or make any other needed information or documented evidence available to you in closing this matter.

Please mail your current determination of the zoning and land use designation to me...

Please mail a copy to my attorney...

Sincerely yours,

Attachments: City of Manteca letter of June 29, 1993; Requests for Admissions; MMC 17.55.020.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Attachment #1: Original grant of nonconforming use status (obtained by deceit)

Attachment #2: Admission of discontinuance of nonconforming use (found in this post.)

Attachment #3: Manteca Municipal Code, Section 17.55.020, Nonconforming buildings and uses


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Lying? There's an Art to That?!" Her Querulous Voice Rising

Great Taco Truck Art

(Scott Beale / LaughingSquid.com)

Wonderful [ab]use of Red, Yellow and Green!

James, Job (and Alinsky) sum it up pretty well

Henry James once wrote, “Life is, in fact, a battle. Evil is insolent and strong; beauty enchanting but rare; goodness very apt to be weak; folly very apt to be defiant; wickedness to carry the day; imbeciles to be in great places, people of sense in small, and mankind generally unhappy. But the world as it stands is no narrow illusion, no phantasm, no evil dream of the night; we wake up to it again forever and ever; and we can neither forget it nor deny it nor dispense with it.” Henry James’s statement is an affirmation of that of Job:  “The life of man upon earth is a warfare …” [Job 7:1, Douay-Rheims Bible.] (quoted from "Rules for Radicals" by Saul Alinsky)

Lyin' Lynda is the personification of an unreliable narrator

The literary device of the "unreliable narrator" was used in several medieval fictional Arabic tales of the One Thousand and One Nights, also known as the Arabian Nights.[4] In one tale, "The Seven Viziers", a courtesan accuses a king's son of having assaulted her, when in reality she had failed to seduce him (inspired by the Qur'anic/Biblical story of Yusuf/Joseph). Seven viziers attempt to save his life by narrating seven stories to prove the unreliability of the courtesan, and the courtesan responds by narrating a story to prove the unreliability of the viziers. (Pinault, David (1992), Story-telling Techniques in the Arabian Nights, Brill Publishers, p. 59, ISBN 9004095306 , Wikipedia entry for "Unreliable narrator")

Twenty-three years of practice... and she still can't get it right!

In Mark Twain's words (an excerpt from his essay "On the Decay of the Art of Lying"):

Lying is universal--we all do it. Therefore, the wise thing is for us diligently to train ourselves to lie thoughtfully, judiciously; to lie with a good object, and not an evil one; to lie for others' advantage, and not our own; to lie healingly, charitably, humanely, not cruelly, hurtfully, maliciously; to lie gracefully and graciously, not awkwardly and clumsily; to lie firmly, frankly, squarely, with head erect, not haltingly, tortuously, with pusillanimous mien, as being ashamed of our high calling. Then shall we be rid of the rank and pestilent truth that is rotting the land; then shall we be great and good and beautiful, and worthy dwellers in a world where even benign Nature habitually lies, except when she promises execrable weather.

And... from an Alinsky interview, 1972:

This liberal cliche about reconciliation of opposing forces is a load of crap. Reconciliation means just one thing: When one side gets enough power, then the other side gets reconciled to it. That's where you need organization –– first to compel concessions and then to make sure the other side delivers. If you're too delicate to exert the necessary pressures ... you might as well get out of the ball park. ... No issue can be negotiated unless you first have the clout to compel negotiation.


Monday, November 29, 2010

Draft Mediation Letter

{Pssst! Someone buy "A is for Asshole" on Amazon and read it to Lynda.}

My attorney asked me for a *short* draft mediation letter outlining the case and my expected outcomes from next week's mediation session. The letter, he said, will be forwarded to the mediator and to the defendants in advance of the session.

For the loyal supporters following the lawsuit, you will find nothing new here. For the rest of you, the points are focused versions of the three aims I spelled out two and one-half years ago, on April 4, 2008, in a letter to the City of Manteca:

My aims are threefold. (1) The immediate need is nighttime noise cessation. (2) The next goal, in the short term, is to have the City of Manteca spell out for me and my neighbors the legal responsibilities (and necessary formal variances!) this business has in a residential neighborhood. (3) My long term goal (and the Planning Department’s goal?) is to have the business assets and operations removed from the property (perhaps to a commercial zone?)

You will see below only slight wording changes in those aims, even though in April 2008 everyone was still suckered by Lyin' Lynda's big lie... you know, the one about how she was running a "legally grandfathered business." {Pish!} A fourth aim of mine, since the necessity of a lawsuit was forced on me, is to lay the costs of exterminating these roaches this sordid affair on the guilty parties.

BEHLING v. ALLEN, et al.
Case # 39-2009-00212085-CU-OR-STK
Mediation letter
November 29, 2010

Plaintiff charges the defendants with noise nuisance caused by reason of their illegal land use of operating the business known as TLC Catering and commissary from their residential property zoned R-1. Prior to the lawsuit, all municipal administrative remedies were denied to plaintiff. Upon filing this suit, the defendants immediately engaged in retaliatory noise increases, which were made part of the first amended pleadings. Soon after the first amendment, unwarranted and harassing closed circuit digital (CCD) camera surveillance of plaintiff on his property commenced.

Plaintiff’s aim is to live in peaceful and quiet enjoyment of his adjoining residential property by:

A) stopping the incessant noise nuisances and retaliatory intrusions emanating from 810 Fishback Street, including business uses and noises, all-day/every-day harassment playing of the yard radio since June 4, 2009, and intrusive, overreaching use of CCD infrared surveillance cameras since October 11, 2010;

B) obtaining a complete recision and extinguishment of the deceitfully gained June 1993 “legal, nonconforming” use designation for 810 Fishback Street either by defendants’ sworn statement of confession, or by City of Manteca’s written determination, or by Superior Court order;

C) effecting the cleanup and rehabilitation of 810 Fishback Street to residential only use by complete removal or demolition from the property of all assets - buildings, structures, vehicles, equipment, appliances, fixtures, inventories, etc. - used in conducting the business from 1987 to 2010 (preliminary asset list is attached); and

D) recovering plaintiff’s costs, damages, and legal fees incurred to obtain obstinate defendants’ compliance with state laws, municipal ordinances, and common courtesies.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Preliminary asset list of TLC Catering and commissary

(This is plaintiff’s list because attempts to verify these assets, first by interrogatory, then by demand for production of acquisition documents, again by request for admissions, and finally by request for on-site inspection, have in all cases produced only non-response or evasions by the defendants.)

Mobile home, license # FQ1259

Covered dirt floor structure behind mobile home (eastward) and all equipment in it

Trailmobile refrigerated shipping container behind the mobile home (eastward)

Grease barrel storage corral and grease barrels

Two (2) Mobile Food Preparation Units (MFPUs, or catering trucks)

One Vending truck

One trash truck

Covered concrete floor structure on the north property line

Equipment and appliances on the north property line:
  • Scotsman icemaker and condenser
  • Follett ice storage/dispensing bin
  • Admiral freezer/refrigerator combo
  • Kenmore upright freezer
  • Bally walk-in freezer
Chest freezer on covered porch attached to east side of main dwelling

Outdoor radio mounted on outbuilding

Surveillance cameras

All other unverified buildings, structures, vehicles, equipment, appliances, fixtures, parts stocks, inventories, and detritus currently or formerly used in the nonconforming uses

- - - - - - - - -


Friday, November 19, 2010

The BDG's: All Evil Eyes, Ill Wills (and Big Mouths)


The following letter has gone on record prior to the proposed Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) session [voluntary mediation] on Pearl Harbor Day, December 7, 2010. Because I can think of no instance wherein Lyin' Lynda or Ravaged Red have demonstrated one iota of good faith since November 13, 1987, my hopes for resolution short of Summary Judgment range from slim to none.

- - - - -

My memo to my attorney requesting the letter above:
October 22, 2010


Please send a letter to the counsel for defendants, Lynda Allen and Theresa Brassey, demanding that their CCD surveillance cameras be removed. This action is similar to the earlier letter of demand that the nuisance outdoor yard radio be removed.

Beginning October 11, 2010, comes the defendants’ latest intrusion - CCD surveillance cameras, which represents Lynda Allen's middle finger in the air. The cameras were placed to observe both sides of the property line fence, not the defendants’ side alone. The only purpose discernible from the cameras’ placements is to continue the annoyance of the plaintiff and to daily project the defendants’ ill will onto my yard, my home, and my life. The cameras must be removed forthwith; else the presumption of good faith in mediation will be nullified.

Recitation of prior actions: The all-day/all-night noise from their illegal TLC Catering business was an insufferable intrusion onto plaintiff’s property. After serving the nuisance lawsuit on the defendants, within weeks they installed an outdoor radio speaker, closely on their side of the property line fence, in a retaliatory addition to, and continuation of, the business noise intrusion. After the cessation of the catering business a few months later (February 2010 and still not admitted by the defendants) relieved part of the problem, the outdoor radio nuisance continues fourteen hours a day, seven days a week. The defendants’ malicious use of the radio has resulted in many police calls and a “disturbing the peace” infraction. The still unresolved radio nuisance was added to the original lawsuit through an amended pleading.

The continued actions and non-responses of defendants, Lynda Allen and Theresa Brassey, nearly approach those of Catherine Cass in the attached unpublished California Court of Appeals opinion from 2008, having the aspects of a permanent nuisance.

Sincerely yours,

Attachment: Wallace v. Cass, G036490, Court of Appeals of California, Fourth Appellate District, Division Three, March 10, 2008.


Extreme Tardiness in Admitting Discontinuance of TLC

Lynda Allen and her Farmer's Insurance lawyers (2009-2011)
- - - - -

Damn good likeness of Lynda, above, don't you think? She is remarkably well preserved even though this portrait of her was painted over 500 years ago by Jan Provoost (1462/5 - Jan 1529). On a minor note, she has picked up a few facial lines since that sitting... (and her hair?... ooooh... what she has now must be a wig!) After all, the slop slinging catering business is sooo cutthroat and competitive.

But I digress...

Request For Admissions

The three pages following comprise a set of requested admissions from the defendants. The purpose was to allow them to bolster their [nonexistent] defense by declaring their discontinuance of the illegal land use. Please note the date on the third page, the Proof of Service - July 19, 2010.

The inexcusably tardy admissions

Shortly after August 13th I received papers almost identical to the first two pages following, but never received the Verifications (third page.) Repeated attempts subsequently to obtain the Verifications resulted in... nothing.

Ninety days after the request (thirty days allowed under court rules), comes now the following three pages, which comprise the scuffing, foot dragging belated response of only one defendant. The other [it is alleged] is all stove up with breast cancer and [it is surmised] cannot read, comprehend, communicate, or govern her small motor skills sufficiently to sign a Verification.

(Hello?! Earth, calling Lynda! You can appoint each other as medical marijuana caregivers, but you cannot delegate power of attorney or get a notary public to witness each other's "X" mark? I've seen the property transfer shell games you and Ravaged Red have played over the years to avoid bill collectors. Your pattern of lame excuses and shady actions continues...)

The reader will please note the dates. Lyin' Lynda signed her Verification on October 18th (but why in Tracy, CA? Is that where Red is hiding convalescing these days?), while the legal person signed the Admissions on October 19th. (Catering race observer quoted, Yoda, "Smarter the lawyers are getting.")

At this rate of discovery, perhaps we might... just maybe... bring about a resolution before Death comes to claim the Miser and her lovers.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Manteca: City Government Runs Illegal Business!

Manteca City Council Meeting, November 16, 2010
Agenda Item D.5.

LMAO! Last night it became crystal clear why Walk-On-Water Willie and his Four Apostles voted to let his three Penthouse Pets Barefoot Dirty Girls continue to illegally operate their catering truck business from their residential property. Talk about setting certain people above the law!

The reason is that for the last decade the mayor, the council, and city staff were themselves running illegal daycare businesses on school district properties under the supposed auspices of the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Manteca. The fact that no city staff even pretended to follow state child care laws, when combined with the city's half-assed, taxpayer subsidized, cost recovery accounting methods, produced a huge anti-competitive market force that drove many private daycare providers out of business.

Council members claim to have been hoodwinked by blind, incompetent, mentally absent senior staff; all led astray by stone deaf, pied-piping bufoons in Parks and Rec, who vacillated between recreational social liberalism and greedy capitalist-style profiteering; and undercut and hung out to dry by grossly (perhaps criminally) negligent and terminally stupid municipal legal counsel.

Read all about it here in the Manteca Bulletin (although Dennis really shaded and softened it): http://www.mantecabulletin.com/news/article/18589/

After the ten or eleven years over which Parks and Rec was warned of the illegalities of the program, what were the best evasive responses that councilmen could come up with to rebut charges of municipal wrongdoing leveled by the group of private providers with privately funded legal research and counsel?
  • "But... but... it's for the children..."
  • "We made a mistake."
  • "We didn't know we weren't legal."
  • "We thought we were exempt from state regulation."
  • "A lot of staff turned over in the last few years and things got lost in the shuffle."
I thoroughly enjoyed observing the spanking Mr. Fonseca administered to the publicly embarrassed dumbasses-in-charge. (My own attempt to obtain an administrative, quasi-judicial remedy from these same dumbasses on March 9, 2009 did not go as well.)

Underlying all the emotional pleas of the "helicopter parents" was the proposition that "Our most precious assets - our children - must be protected (and entertained, and educated, and socialized; and the city government, with subsidy from the school government, should unquestionably continue do the job for us poor, entitled, [single - we didn't know sex resulted in kids!], underemployed parents from 6:00 in the morning to 6:00 at night.)"

Entitled? Oh, yeah... The crowd had to be constantly gaveled and reminded that cheers and applause for program proponents - and jeers for opponents - was not appropriate for this meeting of the public. Though they were instructed in advance to quickly voice their support or opposition and to refrain from repeating... repeating... repeating... repeating... the same sentiments previous speakers had already voiced, every speaker viewed their three minutes at the microphone as their inalienable right to tax everyone's time. The interminable claims of entitlement (along the lines of, "Johnny and Suzy are so happy and love their social worker. The program HAS to continue, or our family cannot.") went on and on... and on... and on... The scariest statement made during the unnecessarily long and tediously repetitious meeting was that those selfsame, state-raised children would at some future day occupy the city councilmen's seats.

"Several council members alluded to the possibility the fees might actually drop once all expenses are taken into account."
Bullshit. In what financial wonder-world do these guys live? The vote to retain the program was made on the assumption that the costs, once fully identified, will still be lower than those of the private sector. (Obviously, they have been smoking Lynda Allen's new crop of marijuana, privately referred to in code as "getting a Sierra high.") Private providers may have lower educational requirements, but they have a profit motive in order to pay their mortgages, food bills and other living expenses. Yet-to-be-hired daycare site directors [government workers in teacher unions] have higher educational requirements and will demand higher wages in order to pay their mortgages, food bills and other living expenses. The city finance department's slippery sleight of hand will come in the allocation (payment) of costs to the school district for facility rents, supplies, utilities, etc., associated with the daycare program. Just like Lynda Allen's hobby nuisance business, TLC Catering, surviving only by evading business rents for two decades, so also Kidzone accounting has been evading massive costs for a decade.

This sorry farce is going to come back to the city council in a couple months. The recommendation will be that Kidzone be discontinued or "privatized." Some staffers at city hall are going to shit their shorts when reality finally dawns and they suddenly discover that full costing will take them to - or over - the price point that private providers have been dealing with for all this time.

Perhaps most infuriating of all is the deal cut with the State of California in which penalties and fines will be forgiven while compliance efforts are undertaken (with the government-WAG it can be completed.) What of the previous ten years? Completely ignored and silently swept under the rug is the taxpayer rape and economic trampling of small business for over a decade. No acknowledgements, no apologies, no Too F'n Bad, no repercussions, no nothing. Law was there; compliance was not. Ten years of screw-up written off. Law means nothing. Teflon politicians in Teflon suits to whom nothing sticks.

Which brings us to the last point. WhyTF is the City of Manteca even involved in this tax transfer [welfare service program] at all? Childcare is not an essential government service. (Libraries are not an essential government service. Dog parks, parks and recreation, - the list goes on - are not essential government services.) The City of Manteca claims not to be able to keep its financial head above water, yet it is mucking around in welfare services? The city is not, should not, and should never be, in business - or pretend to be.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Illuminating Letters and Numbers


These are the results of the Manteca City Council election published by the San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters.*

THANK YOU! to the 4,062 voters who marked their ballots correctly.

It seems that elected officials at various levels of government, who have "Been there, done that," watch to see who else is coming along the path. For example, I received this letter from San Joaquin County Supervisor Leroy Ornellas during the week prior to the election:

Then, after the election, comes this letter from State Senator Lois Wolk:

Even a comment by Manteca Unified School Board Trustee Nancy Teicheira, who won re-election, was formally communicated by the Superintendent:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
* One of the 45 write-ins was my vote for a certain neighbor as Manteca's Cannabis C--- {wink wink}. (How many four letter words can you think of that start with "c"?)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Unexpected Crushing Disappointment

I'm hurt! I'm crushed!


(I'm overjoyed.)
One can most often tell the kind of people by the company they keep.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Beginning of a New Illegal Business Operation?


Simply amazing! The Winchester/Manteca Mystery House wannabes are at it again...

At 0800 hrs Tuesday these two new sheds did not exist; at 1330 hrs the tent had been moved, the buildings hammered up, and the roofers had them almost shingled! The buildings have no visible windows or doors (except, maybe, facing each other.) I'm told these are legal accessory buildings, each the allowable maximum of 120 square feet, no closer than three feet to any fence line, not requiring city building permits.

Here is my working conjecture: These sheds are going to be the BDGs defense against the misdemeanor charge they must answer on November 9th for growing marijuana in the open, violating Manteca's code. Also, the BDGs are counting on Proposition 19 passing (legalizing marijuana in California) and they will be ready to go into business, using one of these sheds as the growing room and the other the drying, hand picking, and packaging shed. (The manufacturing facilities will be stationary, but in the picture above, note the fleet of commercial distribution trucks still on the property, packed into the back corner.)

There are a few problems with that plan, however. Just like their illegal catering business operation, this agricultural venture is on a residential lot, it is not grandfathered, and there is no city permit to run a home occupation or a marijuana collective, growing and selling/bartering dope.

Ah, but the Barefoot Dirty Girls will protest, saying that they are merely growing it for their own use. Really? Just how much weed do these three potheads use?

Oh, oh...! {waving hand wildly} I forgot to share this information earlier. All three BDGs have medical marijuana cards! Do you know how impossible those odds are - that all three shrews should come down with debilitating and painful conditions* requiring marijuana treatment all at the same time? When I mentioned that to a friend, he snorted and said, "They've been smoking it all along. And... how do you think their catering truck gig survived so long?" (Well... that and the "saving" of business property rents for the operation...)

And just how did they arrange the caregiver appointments amongst the three newly-(belated-as-usual!)-legalized, card-carrying dopers? My guess is like this:

(...similar to their other kind of daisy chain...)

Back on task... The instant any weed is sold or traded to anyone other than the three residents, the operation violates the Home Occupation zoning code. The instant any weed is grown for, or "exchanged" with, other medical marijuana users, the operation becomes a collective within one thousand feet of school property, which is a violation of the Medical Marijuana health & safety code (as most of the law still stands currently.)

Of course, once Red's pink ribbon problem is concluded (either interim or final), these sheds could be loaded onto a flatbed trailer and hauled to Oregon... except Lynda lies.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
* From the CUA, Sec 11362.5, 1996:
"...in the treatment of cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, migraine, or any other illness for which marijuana provides relief."
Unfortunately, dope cannot relieve Lynda's problems - it only makes them worse.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Draft Memorandum of Points and Authorities

Memorandum of Points and Authorities
In Support of Plaintiff's Motions for Summary Judgment

Behling, Richard v. Allen, Lynda and Brassey, Theresa
Case # 39-2009-00212085-CU-OR-STK
Complaint filed May 19, 2009

Plaintiff submits this memorandum of points and authorities in support of his motions for summary judgment against Defendants, Allen and Brassey for these causes of action: ...
- - -
I called my attorney today to inquire if the defendants were going to wait until just before the January 19, 2011 Alternative Dispute Resolution review hearing before inventing  pooping out  profferring yet another lame  mighty log  protestation of willingness to mediate. He called me back later to relay yet another ration of the same runny shit the defendants have been orally defecating for seventeen months.

But it was humorous to hear about Lynda's whining about me "pickin' on her dogs... and jus 'bout ever'thin'!" {Ahhh, poor baby, Yellow, and her furry children... cry...}

My response to her - and my attorney's response to Mr. McCauley, Esq. - was, {Duh,} "It's called pressure. {you dumb ass!} If you had gotten your clients to sign the agreed Stipulated Judgment last spring - and they acted in good faith {can they even be taught this foreign concept?} - this thing could have been settled and these pressures would not have been resorted to."

Of course, everything the BDGs think is wrong, everything they say is wrong, and everything they do is wrong, so it's very easy to find pressure points - just watch their habitually lawless and abberant behaviors. Simple. (Take, for example, their marijuana FUBAR.)

We needn't go into the other things he said he told Mr. McCauley, Esq.

Mary Jane Stripping For The Camera; Radio Plays On


Request # 506078
Thu 10/14/2010 2:54 PM
The Complaint you submitted was:
Request type: Drugs/Narcotics
Description: Re: Case 10-24475, Req # 463673, Signed Complaint, Req # 500952

On Friday, July 9, 2010, MPD verified that Lynda Allen of 810 Fishback Street has a medical marijuana card. Did MPD also verify Lynda's registered caregiver? One of the two other residents at that address is the likely choice as caregiver - either Theresa Brassey or Corky Green - who would be exempt from possession charges.

At 1:35 pm today, I observed Corky Green in possession of a large pile of dried marijuana stems and stripping them of the buds. If Corky is not Lynda's registered caregiver, or anyone else's registered caregiver, or a medical marijuana card holder herself, then she possesses an illegal amount of marijuana.

This Week At The CCTV Movies


Remember, last week the foreign language speaking handyman crew started prepping the Bally walk-in freezer for removal, but they stopped when the BDGs traipsed* off for the weekend. The new orders were to build the front screening fence. When the fence was finished, they still did not go back to the Bally freezer.

I'm not sure what wild hairs grew up Red's, Yellow's and Green's asses... but...

Instead, the tall ladder was moved from the Bally and used to put up a CCTV surveillance camera, which I discovered when I returned home last Monday night. Below is a view in Tuesday's morning light from outside and just beneath my bedroom window.

Sure is a funny looking camera, you say? Yeah, maybe it's just a joke on the BDG's part and they really do not plan to deploy it. Why else would they put a bag on its head? (Really, it's only because they do not have enough CCTV cable to hook it up yet because it's too far from the DVR.)

(If Yellow, Red, and Green really, really need to put bags over something,
let me suggest their three heads... and make the bags airtight around their necks.)

Besides, the BDGs really went crazy and diverted their attention to what I call Camera 1 because the next day this camera appeared, mounted high on the gable of their newly remodeled house:

It is NOT so much watching their yard and fence - it is pointed directly at my yard, my house, my bedroom window.

Who were you calling a Peeping Tom the other day, Lynda?
(...and I thought Felix was a smart lad.)

Let me repeat what I said about picture-taking and surveillance:

  • I take pictures of Lynda's, Theresa's, and Cornelia's
    • illegal activities (business, dogs, trailers, containers, commercial vehicles, etc.),
    • their noncompliant structures (mobile home, sheds, porches, etc.), and
    • their prohibited business relationships in a residential district (supplier deliveries, etc.)
    to effect the discontinuance and abatement of these zoning violations. I have sub-ZERO desire for the likenesses of the Three Beaches, and even less interest in their personal relationships.
  • Lynda takes pictures and surveils me for what purpose? This is not the first time she has openly taken photographs. Does she think to use the pictures in her legal defense? Does she get her "jollies" from them? It must be the latter because this CCTV camera is aimed at my house - at my bedroom window.

Also this week, another CCTV mounting pole appeared down on the end of their property. This picture shows Camera 2 (with the bag over its head) and the pole to be set for Camera 4 (the middle pole). The pole on the left is an old pole on the property line fence, probably used for lighting many years ago.

And, finally, on Friday at noon the bag is off Camera 2 and it has been joined by Camera 3. And the pole for Camera 4 is no longer visible, probably being prepped for setting.

My beef with these yokels is that:
  • Noise from the illegal TLC Catering business was an intrusion,
  • The yard radio still is a retaliatory continuation of that intrusion, and
  • This latest intrusion of CCTV surveillance represents Lynda's middle finger in the air.
  • (I can suggest a few other places she can stick it! No, I'm sure she doesn't - cannot - get "jollies" any more.)
Lynda's purpose with these cameras is consistent with her lying, deceitful and obnoxious behavior over her twenty-three years on 810 Fishback Street - doing whatever she takes into her head, even (or, especially) if it annoys the hell out of her neighbors. She is the definition of a true Neighbor From Hell. Her only goal in life is to intrude and impose her miserable person on someone else... on anyone else... on everyone else... and then cry, "Foul," when her victims protest or try to protect themselves. This angel of death pleasures herself with negative attention and orgasms when sucking the good from the lives of others and destroying it. Her flanking harpies learned their lessons well from her, and allowed their lives to be consumed by her, too.

And you thought chainsaw slasher movies were scary?
Coming soon to an Oregon neighborhood near you.

How soon?
I told you before, believe NOTHING Lynda says! She still here, ain't she?

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
* traipse (v, used without object) 1. to walk or go aimlessly or idly or without finding or reaching one's goal: We traipsed all over town looking for Zig-Zag papers.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Picture Perfect Fence, but... Is It Soundproof? or Foolproof?


The BDGs appear to be spiraling downward - ever more quickly - into paranoid tendencies and irrational behaviors.

Take the newly constructed fence, above, as an example. Such a screening device did not exist ever since the BDGs illegally contaminated their property with TLC Catering in 1987. They must have figured they were in the dominatrix position after they cowed* their neighbors (who were in their sixties at that time) and lied to get the city's stamp of grandfathered status. Twenty years later, their eighty-year-old neighbors died, a young punk moved in, he exposed their lies and nuisance despite their shrill howling and gesticulations, and they were left naked in the wind... their miserable, useless lives totally defenseless.

Instinctively, they tried to hide, first behind more layers of radio noise, then more and higher layers of fence boards and, finally, retreating into drugged medical retirement. They reshuffled all their goods, rebuilt their house, put up giant tents, and tended their pot farm. They desperately desired not to see their adversary - or have him see them - but the F'n economy wouldn't let them run away and escape. So they built more fence.

The owners are exhibiting some of Sarah Winchester's escalating bizarre behaviors.

Construction began by the foreign language speaking handyman crew while the BDGs blew town for a few days... (why they hurried back is an unanswerable question...) and was finished over the weekend. I really considered letting the BDGs complete a noncompliant project and then get the city involved; but I reconsidered and posted the relevant city code regarding fences for the simple reason that the city seems incompetent in any kind of enforcement action - especially when it comes to the BDGs.

This afternoon, I mowed my front lawn. The sound produced several activities next door - like poking a stick into a hornet's nest - when Yellow's THC-powered reptilian brain** was triggered. She tried to mark her territory by sending Felix out front to string drip line or dig holes or do whatever(?) next to the fence. I know she flipped out because, as I nearly finished one line of mowing, I turned to see Lynda taking a picture of me with her camera.

This is the difference between Lynda S Allen and me:
  • I take pictures of her illegal activities, her noncompliant structures, and her prohibited business relationships in a residential district in order to effect their abatement. This entire blog is the illustrated, annotated diary and commentary of that effort; I have less-than-ZERO concern or desire for her likeness or personal relationships.
  • Lynda takes pictures of me for what purpose? This is not the first time she has openly taken photographs. Does she think to use the pictures in her legal defense? Does she get her "jollies" from them? If any appear publicly I will consider a stalking charge against her.
The new fence highlights another irrationality:

Note the Bally walk-in freezer in the lower left corner of the picture. The little white lean-to and the compressor were removed from the top of the unit last week as the BDGs began their temporary disappearance. No further work has been done to prepare for the freezer's removal even though sawing, hammering, and a pneumatic tool air compressor can be heard constantly on the property. The never-ending Winchester-like construction - while the shed, freezer, container, commercial vehicles, yard radio, and marijuana tent still remain - indicates other possible enforcement problems developing.

(Whoever said, drying marijuana stinks, was right. The BDG's place smells horrible, in the same fashion their looks [no pictures, thank God!], comportment, and handyman skills are reprehensible. Might as well be consistent in the senses.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
* cow (vt) to destroy the resolve or courage of; to bring to a state or an action by intimidation - used with into. ex., some redneck caterers were very adept at cowing the workers into eating their s**t. Intimidation (also called cowing) is intentional behavior "which would cause a person of ordinary sensibilities" fear of injury or harm. It's not necessary to prove that the behavior was so violent as to cause terror or that the victim was actually frightened.
Synonyms: blackjack,bogart,browbeat,bulldoze,bully,bullyrag,intimidate,hector,mau-mau,strong-arm

** I will be general. The reptilian brain is the most ancient of the brains. It has two hemispheres, just like the neocortex, and it may be that they relate functionally to the left and right hemispheres of the neocortex. The reptilian brain consists of the upper part of the spinal cord and the basal ganglia, the diencephalon, and parts of the midbrain--- all of which sits atop the spinal column like a knob in the middle of our heads.
It is thought to represent a fundamental core of the nervous system and derives from a form of mammal-like reptile that once ranged widely over the world but disappeared during the Triassic period having provided the evolutionary link between dinosaurs and mammals. All modern mammals have this reptilian complex, including humans.
At least five human behaviors originate in the reptilian brain. These have been denoted as isopraxic, preservative, re-enactment, tropistic, and deceptive. Without defining them, I shall simply say that in human activities they find expression in:
1- obsessive-compulsive behavior
2- personal day-to-day rituals and superstitious acts
3- slavish conformance to old ways of doing things
4- ceremonial re-enactments
5- obeisance to precedent, as in legal, religious, cultural, and other matters
responding to partial representations (coloration, "strangeness," etc.), whether alive or inanimate and all manner of deception.
Reptiles do not dream, but animals which have evolved from the reptiles (mammals & birds) do dream. Why? Because the reptilian mind is still operating in them and we humans call that mental state "dreaming." There is no "dreamstate" in reptiles because this mentality is their waking state. It is repressed during our waking hours (but still functioning it never sleeps) by chemicals released neocortically then the reptilian is allowed to function during sleep and dream, when the left hemisphere is in turn repressed. But obviously, the reptilian brain is not satisfied being relegated to the "nightwatch" of an inert body. It wants far more than that.
Humans invented rituals and ceremonies, and then, theater. Now where do you suppose those revelations came from? Theater, with its famous theorem of the "suspension of disbelief" (which is simply another way of saying, "Put your left brain to sleep.") is a re-invention of the reptilian mental-state "out-there". And of course, now we have excellent duplication of the reptilian mindset with movies and television, etc. which by some estimates, occupies up to 16-18 hours of our time per day, when you add in sleep-dream time.
A much detailed description of brain function by Mr Davidmann can be found here: http://www.solbaram.org/articles/humind.html