Monday, June 28, 2010

TLC Catering's Longtime Political Protector

"Politics: A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage." - Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary
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Willie W Weatherford and his wife, in May of 2001, sold the house located at 377 N Scenic Place, Manteca, CA, to co-owners Cornelia J Green and Lisa Gomes (County Recorder's doc #2001-078747, Assessor's Parcel Number 217-54-014.) In April of the following year, Cornelia deeded her interest in the property to Lisa, who then held it solely (County Recorder's doc #2002-064047.) Whatever happened between Cornelia and her co-owner, Lisa Gomes, precipitated two highly relevant facts - Cornelia wound up living with Lynda Allen and Theresa Brassey at 810 Fishback Street, and parked her travel trailer across the street at 785 Fishback for many years.

Cornelia J Green is - in Lynda Allen's words - "very well-known." She is the infamous "Corky," (here, here) who took an overt and active hand in the illegal operation of TLC Catering and Commissary on R-1 residential property since she took up residence with those two career scofflaws, Allen and Brassey. Corky was TLC's direct political lifeline to City Hall - direct to Willie W Weatherford, Police Chief, then Councilman, then Mayor; and also that (very large) spokesmouth, Rex Osborn, spinmeister extraordinaire.

Patronage? Cronyism? Influence peddling? Mr. Weatherford sat in judgment of my claim of TLC's illegal operation, pretended he had no clue who or what I was talking about, and skillfully directed the vote to deny the City reopen my case for review. Corky was in the council chambers with Lynda's and Theresa's entourage of other losers and hangers-on, while being "protected" by the O. Rex spewing old news. Such is the shameful, sorry state of dirty politics and politicians in Manteca, California. It is not a matter of following any laws; rather, it is a matter of who you know in city government who can quash any complaints. The less we have of Willie, the better off this city will be, regardless of who is elected from the current field of candidates - Anderson, Cantu, Moorhead, or Perry.


The Manteca Response said...

HOLY ASS-KISSING BATMAN! Could this mean we've found the missing link?

The Manteca Response said...

Let me get this straight. Willie sold her this house. Did Willie say he did not know this person when you were in session with the city council about this?

Does Debby know this? Does John and Vince know this?

Do I sense a Manteca-Gate here?

These incumbents KNEW about this and Willies past with 'Corky'. What a shame.

noisemaker said...

This is what I know: 1) Willie sold Corky a house nine years ago; 2) Corky bailed eight years ago; 3) Both Corky and Willie hang around Rec Dept youth sports; 4) Corky and her trailer were firmly entrenched on Fishback Road three years ago; 5) Corky was in Lynda's entourage at the city council meeting on March 3, 2009 when the decision went against me.

What does Debby, John, Vince and Steve know? Anything? Who knows? (Who is John Galt?)