Friday, November 19, 2010

Extreme Tardiness in Admitting Discontinuance of TLC

Lynda Allen and her Farmer's Insurance lawyers (2009-2011)
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Damn good likeness of Lynda, above, don't you think? She is remarkably well preserved even though this portrait of her was painted over 500 years ago by Jan Provoost (1462/5 - Jan 1529). On a minor note, she has picked up a few facial lines since that sitting... (and her hair?... ooooh... what she has now must be a wig!) After all, the slop slinging catering business is sooo cutthroat and competitive.

But I digress...

Request For Admissions

The three pages following comprise a set of requested admissions from the defendants. The purpose was to allow them to bolster their [nonexistent] defense by declaring their discontinuance of the illegal land use. Please note the date on the third page, the Proof of Service - July 19, 2010.

The inexcusably tardy admissions

Shortly after August 13th I received papers almost identical to the first two pages following, but never received the Verifications (third page.) Repeated attempts subsequently to obtain the Verifications resulted in... nothing.

Ninety days after the request (thirty days allowed under court rules), comes now the following three pages, which comprise the scuffing, foot dragging belated response of only one defendant. The other [it is alleged] is all stove up with breast cancer and [it is surmised] cannot read, comprehend, communicate, or govern her small motor skills sufficiently to sign a Verification.

(Hello?! Earth, calling Lynda! You can appoint each other as medical marijuana caregivers, but you cannot delegate power of attorney or get a notary public to witness each other's "X" mark? I've seen the property transfer shell games you and Ravaged Red have played over the years to avoid bill collectors. Your pattern of lame excuses and shady actions continues...)

The reader will please note the dates. Lyin' Lynda signed her Verification on October 18th (but why in Tracy, CA? Is that where Red is hiding convalescing these days?), while the legal person signed the Admissions on October 19th. (Catering race observer quoted, Yoda, "Smarter the lawyers are getting.")

At this rate of discovery, perhaps we might... just maybe... bring about a resolution before Death comes to claim the Miser and her lovers.


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Anonymous said...

I have to admire your tenacity. I wish you justice on December 10th. You deserve it. A person of principle.