Saturday, December 11, 2010

Arrested Development: BDG's Mental and Emotional Age


This cartoonist's tableau faithfully depicts just how far Lyin' Lynda, Resectioned Red, and Corkscrewed Cornelia have regressed...  progressed along life's road to mature human interactions. Their claims to a grandfathered nonconforming use of property are almost as well reasoned as the high chair crowd, and their legal defense of creamed peas being flung back at every charge or demand is simply brilliant, worthy of any toddler two and under.

... are so ...     ... am not ...
... are so ...     ... am not ...
... are so ...     ... am not ...

They shriek their tantrum, "But, we're caterers! We're cooks and caterers and druggies ...  We got rights... We gotta right. {Screw our grown-up responsibilities!} We'll throw enough gooey, slimy, smelly mashed leaf leafy, green vegetables at him and he'll go away."

Or their other knee-jerk reactions:
  • "Not enough noise for you? Well, here's some MORE!"
  • "You watched us run our illegal activities... so we're gonna invade your property and privacy as Peeping Tomboys with our cameras. So there!"
  • "We stopped our illegal business, but F-U if you think we'll cop to being in the wrong for twenty-three years!"
Not surprising, though. Unfortunately for all of us, none of them has had any children (as far as known) to show them the way and help them grow up. But on the celestially brighter and positive side: now that that shallow eddy of the gene pool has dried up, they can't replicate and it's only a matter of time (a short time, we pray) before they quit consuming our oxygen and producing their methane and second-hand pot smoke.

No fool! This AIN'T tobaccy!

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