Thursday, September 23, 2010

Consanguinity* With Dogs


Finally! Animal Control did not fall for Star of Stage and Street Lynda's tear-jerking emotional manipulations and her's and Theresa's long-running lies. Today this email arrives regarding the (this year's) complaint:
Thu 9/23/2010 1:16 PM
Your request # 463677 has been resolved with the resolution:

Yesterday 9/22/10 I went out to 810 Fishback to see if they have gotten rid of any of her dogs yet. Lynda said her dogs are too old to find new homes for and they are her kids. I went back out today to 810 Fishback and issued Lynda a citation for too many dogs.

This is in reference to the Complaint on Other (animals) you submitted on 09/20/2010 2:46 PM
Location: 810 Fishback Street
Description: The owners keep six dogs on the residential property. Code only allows for three dogs and/or cats. Ref: Courtesy Notice 6408, 01Sep2010.

I mentioned before, here and here, the close resemblances between the neighbors and their self-described "vicious yard dogs."
"In late February [2008] I went next door and asked to speak with the Alpha female. The conversation about trees, fences, dogs went along well enough... until I mentioned the icemaker. She instantly transformed into a she-wolf, with raised hackles and bared fangs. Anger and hostility infused every hissing word she uttered. The attack was so vicious it sent me reeling."
"Her [Lynda's] small, yappy dog, Rufus, was at her feet, no doubt being trained by soaking up the actions and personality of his owner."

I'm sure Lynda was "projecting" her fears when she said the dogs were too old to place elsewhere. Should have thought about that before adding one illegal action (too many dogs) on top of another illegal action (business use of property) on top of other illegal actions (expansion of business use) - all on top of seminal lies and deceit (grandfathered from county).

Aw, c'mon, why the long face?

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* consanguinity (n) 1. (Anthropology & Ethnology) relationship by blood; kinship.

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