Monday, September 13, 2010

BDG Cooperation? When Pigs Fly!


I'd be less surprised at seeing flocks of winged pigs dive-bombing City Hall than seeing any cooperation from my Neighbors From Hell regarding their voluntary compliance with any Manteca ordinance. Even police visits, misdemeanor charges, and a civil lawsuit seem not to faze them. Voluntary compliance? When pigs fly!

On Wednesday, September 1, 2010, I sent online Request #455382, regarding two inoperative automobile wreckages exhumed from the rubble of some demolished illegal structures on the Barefoot Dirty Girls' property at 810 Fishback Street, Manteca, CA.

Request type: Abandoned Vehicle

Description: There are two abandoned vehicles in the back (northeast) corner of the lot. The cars were exposed after the illegal mobile home and attached shed were demolished. Pictures may be seen at

On Wednesday, September 8, 2010, Request #455382 was *resolved* with the only thing I have ever heard Manteca code enforcement officers say: "There is nothing we can do." The anonymous response on the city's online system (from either Scott Cunningham, Greg Baird, or Rex Osborn) consisted of:
"The vehicles are not visible from a legal vantage point. Photos taken over the fence on the property line using ladders or other means to elevate camera are not legal to open an enforcement case and can be considered an invasion of privacy [by the police]. Until there is cooperation with property owner or the vehicles are in public view no further action will be taken."
Cooperation from Lynda S Allen? {I'm still waiting for the big surprise - the miracle! - of Pink, Red, Yellow, Green and Purple pigs growing wings and flying away in formation...}

 Code enforcement's response tells me three things:
  1. No code enforcement officer even bothered to take a pass/walk/drive down Fishback Street. I'm not the least surprised. If Scott, Greg, or Rex HAD walked by (on the sidewalk - no tippie-toes required!) on or after Thursday, September 2, 2010, (the very day I sent in the complaint!) they would have seen that the BDGs had their foreign language speaking [documented?] workers push the cars around to the front of the Trailmobile trailer (see map, the box to the left of the two red cars along the back fence) - and were then in public view;
  2. No code enforcement officer bothered to knock on the offender's door and ask for investigative "cooperation." This singularly ineffective procedure forces me to assume their investigative technique is to wait for winged pigs angels to come down and nudge the confirmed pothead lawbreaker to voluntarily come forward and admit to keeping abandoned cars in her back yard. I'm not the least surprised. They have been to the house before and know exactly the caustic reception they will have from the prickly, sharp-tongued owner(s); and
  3. It is still the city's policy to use innuendo and smear tactics against citizens who complain about illegal activity on neighboring properties. Enforcement personnel won't take verbals, can't see anything for themselves, and insinuate criminal behavior by anyone who provides photographic evidence they themselves cannot obtain. (I'm not the least surprised. This is the same way Rex Osborn smeared me so effectively at the city council meeting, March 3, 2009.)


The August 31st complaint,
The September 1st Animal Control response, and
{drum roll, please}
The September 11th observation -

All six dogs still on the property!


The August 27th letter to the MUSD school board and Superintendent, and
The September 1st response from MUSD and Manteca Police Department.

Yellow, Red, and Green were given "two weeks to totally enclose his [her] operation." What that means is, by Wednesday, September 15, the plants must be either pulled [destroyed] or
"in a secure, locked, and fully enclosed structure that includes solid walls, a ceiling, roof or top. No outdoor growing shall be permitted within the city."
{drum roll, please}
A September 13th observation (two days to deadline!) -

Healthy, budding plants still unmoved in their outdoor bed!

(and the only qualified structures on the property are the main house and the legal outbuilding.)

  • Ceasing the illegal TLC Catering business operation on the 810 Fishback residential property on or about February 15, 2010, all the commercial equipment used in that illegal operation still encumbers the property.
  • The multitude of For Sale signs are merely a window dressing, with no substantial efforts - let alone successful efforts - to dispose of the equipment from the residential property.
  • All requests for admissions, demands for documents, and notices of inspection of the inventory of business assets have been ignored, refused, or objected to by the defendants.
  • Retaliation in the form of 14/7 outdoor radio-playing has occurred for sixteen months since service of the noise nuisance and illegal land use civil lawsuit.
  • All attempts to mediate or settle the lawsuit have been ignored or refused.
{drum roll, please}
Now-abandoned MFPU's, vending truck, trash truck, Trailmobile trailer, Bally walk-in freezer, Scotsman icemaker, Admiral freezer, Kenmore freezer, chest freezer, a shanty shed and outdoor radio still trash the property!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

City of Manteca departments, past and present, with an embarrassing record of ignorant, ineffective, impotent, or downright stupid dealings* with the ignorant and downright stupid owners of 810 Fishback Street, Manteca, CA 95337:
  • Manteca City Council,
  • Planning Commission,
  • City Attorney,
  • Police,
  • Code Enforcement,
  • Animal Control,
  • Planning,
  • Zoning,
  • Building Safety,
  • Community Development,
  • Solid Waste, and
  • Business/Finance.
  • (Did I forget anyone?)
... and code enforcement is waiting for "cooperation with property owner"? {See any wings sprouting on those pigs yet, Greg, Scott and Rex?}

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
* {"Say, Pearlie, here's some terms of cooperation for ya - we'll keep that weasel next door off ya and you supply us with summa that "really good shit" growing in your back yard."}


The Manteca Response said...

Those plants are looking just ripe for the pick'n. I have my Ninja outfit ready to go and doggy pepper spray, too.

I believe this might be the year of the retired T-Rex? :)

noisemaker said...

I'm pretty sure the doggy pepper spray would also work on the "homo sapiens neanderthalensis" specimens known to inhabit the property; check 'em out near the end of this post:

Rather than the messy picking of the marijuana, and having no interest in the street value of the hallucinogenic herb or its supposed medicinal indications, a spray bottle of Roundup (c) would work just as effectively AND leave behind a highly visual reminder of human degeneration and oblivion.