Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BDGs' Attorney Says They'll Mediate... For Real?!


Shocking breakthrough!

At this morning's case management conference in Stockton Superior Court, Red's and Yellow's attorney said the defendants agreed to a mediation session. We'll see if his word is any better now than it was last August 13th. (And, no, he still hasn't delivered on that month-old item.)

Of course, this extremely late and decidedly reluctant baby step does not stop my other court filings and preparations for the [highly likely] event that Yellow has to scratch her {xxxxx} - or make up some other lame, last minute excuse for noncooperation.

Do I hear echoes? I recall June 2009, after she admitted one week that the icemaker was noisy and she was going to move it, the next week Lynda sayin',
I'm not moving it. I tried working with you. . . (classic Lynda communication style, letting her sentences trail off as she walks away.)

Uh-huh. Sure you did...


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Regarding the illustration, I'm not sure these cute little outfits are large enough to prevent interior latex paint spills from adding some zest to the Barefoot Dirty Girls' already eclectic mix-and-match wardrobes. On the other hand, football jersey shirts are ephemeral anyway.

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