Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Proposed Stipulated Judgment

Hey, batta', batta'... here's the wind-up... there's the pitch!...

Let's see now... how hard can this be?

Instead of moving TLC Catering elsewhere, Lynda and Theresa have already chosen to close down the illegally operating business. I'm guessing it was too much bother (or too costly) to run their business legally. It doesn't matter to me which option they chose. Either way, YEAH! But there's still more paperwork to do...

They quit running their trucks and the icemaker a month or two ago, but they continue to run their mouths and the yard radio. That will change under this stipulation (above).

Was it really the bad economy that forced their decision, or did my pretty little lawsuit have a cumulative hand in it, tipping the balance? Maybe they could get jobs running this operation.

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