Monday, November 2, 2009

Faded Youth

I pedaled my bicycle to Westley, California, one bright, beautiful day and this particular logo on the side of an MFPU caught my attention. (Mobile Food Preparation Unit. Honest! that's what California calls them.)

(Credits: This logo/image is the property of Vaqueras, Inc.)

By now it should be abundantly clear that I am an afficionado of all things "catering" (except for eating any food sold from a catering truck... and icemakers... and commissaries... and outlaw owners.)

When I saw these vaqueras (cowgirls), my first thought was, "! ! ! ! ! ! !"

OK! ok. My second thought was, "* * * * * * * *"

All right, already!... My third thought was, "Why couldn't I live next door to caterers that looked like that?!"

My fourth thought? "Who knows? {shrug} Maybe they did once. {nah}"

Anyway, if you are in the neighborhood of Westley, las vaqueras are at the corner of Highway 33 and Howard Road, just a couple miles off Interstate 5. The MFPU appears to be parked there permanently, for some reason.

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