Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Deceitful Pattern Continues

Lynda Allen's myopic worldview is practically a religious expression subscribed to by Theresa Brassey and Corky Greene, and all the other hangers-on who drift through their tight orbit. The tenet goes something like this:

"I do what I want... and it's none of your damn business!"

This bedrock belief underlies every action they take. Even though they make their TLC Catering business my business, they refuse to mitigate any of this incessant noise from illegally operating their commissary and roach coach from their property:
They have turned their property into a compound to close off any view of their doings.
They quickly open and close the driveway gate only by pre-arrangement.
They have chased newspaper and TV reporters from their property.
They lie to code enforcement officers (who are only too happy to believe the lies.)
They lie to animal control officers (who are only too happy to believe the lies.)
They lie to the city council (who are only too happy to believe the lies.)
Their lies were well-received by the polymorphous city attorney.

Most recently, the defendants' brilliant counsel avoided (evaded?) giving up a material witness's whereabouts, and when a process server (an officer of the court) tried to find the witness, these legally-deficient women attempted to evade service by telling the officer to get off their property and not come back.

Hello?! Isn't being uncooperative during litigation a bad thing? A rational defendant would want a material witness to substantiate their defense, so they are either not rational or have no defense...

... or both {smilie}

Of course, judges deal continually with such putzes, so these indiscretions are not likely to provoke any sanctions. What are a few more rounds of game-playing after perfecting their technique for twenty-two years? These women have had much more than their share of "due process" - that term is more correctly called "undue process."

Oh, by the way, we got the witness served with a subpoena. {BIG smilie}

T, L, and C are now on the hook... carefully, we reel them in.


The Manteca Response said...

Hook and skin these bitches! Point a radio speaker at my house and that speaker will have an accident.

Where are their licenses? Didn't the city attorney (who isn't worth a damn) do his due diligence in trying to see if they are legal or not? That's all he would have had to do, then case closed.

Are these women doing some sort of (illegal) TLC to the current spin doctors in the city government to keep them off their backs? I mean, they might be on their backs, but would hate to imagine that. LORD help us! Let us pray.

noisemaker said...

To help you erase the mental image you described, try the image in this post:
http://way2noisy.blogspot.com/2009/11/faded-youth.html . It portrays the polar opposite of what exists in my reality.

I have speculated before on the possible actions they may take (or have, allegedly, already taken) in this sordid business. Try http://way2noisy.blogspot.com/2009/07/quiet-options.html .