Friday, April 2, 2010

Opposite of Maiden Voyage is...?

Yep. Off they go...
  • Good Friday morning. Just over the fence, the Mega 100.1, KQOD Stockton, 7:00 a.m. radio morning show fires up - as it has for many months.
    • (What kind of neighbors play their outdoor radio for 12-14 hours continuously, every day, rain or shine, with the speaker pointed across the fence at a house not theirs??)
  • Tight-Lipped Theresa visits the outdoor "pantry" (just over the fence, too) and fills the ice chest, packed with food and beverage for the pilgrimage, with ice.
    • (After all, she IS the cookie and Limping Lynda - the starship captain - is "all stove up" from her planet v. starship crash some years ago.)
  • The vittles get packed into Curling Corky's car.
    • (Don't worry, it'll still hold all three Muses - T, L, & C - and it's much more fuel efficient than their big-ass pickup or the SUV.)
  • Another holiday outing to the Farmers Insurance Company lawyer in Sacramento.
    • (The mood is not so festive since time is running out on their "free" attorney because Farmers Insurance pulled the "reservation of rights" plug on indemnifying business claims on a homeowners policy.)
    • (Or, maybe they're checking out other places to move and leave this HORRIBLE neighborhood - at least one neighbor - behind. (Of course, these three will take their HORRIBLE "neighborliness" with them wherever they wind up. That's the way life works.)
  • The proposed stipulated judgment (subject to small technical adjustments) has been on the table since Tuesday. Because this is the plaintiff's absolutely MINIMUM acceptable offer, any objections or attempts to reduce the requirements by the defendants will result in INCREASING the requirements - or merely proceeding onward with the lawsuit.
  • Lynda and Theresa and Corky should have no problem with that stance because that was THEIR stance at the outset. Three years ago... two years ago... one year ago...they have been consistently and obstinately - even hostilely - unwilling to effect ANY changes - even small changes - to REDUCE their noise nuisance impact on my property.
    • (Contrarywise, these Sirens went so far as to INCREASE their noise nuisance by mounting their rock speaker by the icemaker and playing them both together! 
    • (That last happened because I publicly outed their Dirty Little Secret - TLC Catering is NOT grandfathered!)
We are playing for ALL the marbles... the WHOLE roach coach enchilada...

Yep. Off they go... into the final frontier. May God speed their (one-way) departure.

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