Friday, April 16, 2010

Tactical Retreat as a Strategic Offense

A whole week went by with the yard radio magic rock speaker turned away from my house and the volume set really low - until this morning.

The night and morning temperatures were pleasant enough to sleep with the bedroom window open - until 7:07 this morning. Upon being assaulted yet again by the act of Lynda, Theresa or Corky manually turning on the yard radio, I slammed my window shut. One of the Trinity gleefully added injury to injury by increasing the volume and turning the speaker my direction again.

Do they think to "hide" by waiting until no one (in authority) appears to be watching (or, listening) before turning it back up? Please forgive my suspicion and skepticism, but factoring in their history of deceit, lying, abrasiveness, intimidating, and outright scoffing at laws their one-week retreat convinces me this scaled back low-level harrassment is merely a ploy to "fly under the radar" for a while.

For the first five or six years of T, L & C's illegal operation on 810 Fishback St, their tactic of "laying low" - not calling attention to themselves - was mainly how they evaded detection and regulation by the City of Manteca. This period also established the "long time on the property" argument, which they parlayed into the "grandfathered from the county" lie that they successfully perpetrated on the Manteca Planning Department to obtain their "free pass."

Too bad for them I have recordings and photographs of the yard radio, and police reports of their malicious usages of it, which establish their cagey, cynical dealings in this matter.

More proof that T, L or C get their little rock off deliberately? Same day; lunch time; speaker turned completely away (can't see the little circle on the front.) And, never fear, the very next time the magic rock senses any disturbance in the Force, it will come spinning back around into offensive position.

Keep the really good, noisy stuff coming, ladies.

p.s. Everyone knows the old saying, "Owners tend to look like their dogs and their rock speakers."



Nyssa said...

Some people just suck big time don't they.

noisemaker said...

Yes, and some suck all the time. These particular ones have honed their limited skill sets for their entire useless lives. Sorry, not entirely usless; there has to be opposition to all good things.

The Manteca Response said...

Call the police early, ask them to come around 6:50AM no later...then wait! Then do the nasty on the bitches! I got this from a friend of ours. ;)

noisemaker said...

Ahhh... a stake-out and "sting" operation! I love it.

However, the timing is not quite right. These idiot women will soon enough trip themselves up with the radio, but I'm after a much bigger, fishy-smelling thing first...