Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Pimples are Ready for Popping

  • A particularly noxious Witches Brew has been mulling for twenty-three years at 810 Fishback Street in Manteca, California.
  • Since March 2007, the acrid fumes of dismissive arrogance, open hostility and sub rosa vindictiveness have streamed over the property line fence, suffocating me, as the occult admixture heated up to a simmer.
  • Last night (Wednesday) the putrifying glop came to a rollicking boil, with the gas-filled bubbles splattering venom everywhere as they popped.
  • Last night a citizen's arrest of Lynda Allen was made and a citation for disturbing the peace was issued to her by the Manteca Police Department (MPD). A court appearance will be forthcoming.

Backing up a couple days...

On Monday night the neighbors were visited by an MPD officer, as reported here. Lynda said "nice" things while dealing with the police, but desperately wanted to lop my head off after they left.

Despite the visit, Lynda again turned ON the yard radio Tuesday morning at 7:00 a.m., but did turn it OFF at 8:00 p.m., with some grumbling. (Lessons learned? Hah!)

On Wednesday, Lynda - herself, personally - turned the radio ON at 7:00 a.m. Thirteen hours later:
  • 8:00 p.m. - After its all-day noise, in the late, darkening twilight, the radio was still ON. Not a soul stirred in the yard and the house lights appeared to be off.
  • 8:15 p.m. - The house and yard lights came on.
  • 8:17 p.m. - Corky Greene appeared, yawning, as she crossed to the outbuilding, but returned to the house without shutting OFF the radio.
  • 8:18 p.m. - One minute later, Corky again did a round trip without shutting OFF the radio.
  • 9:30 p.m. - I called the Manteca Police and requested to sign a disturbing the peace complaint.
  • 9:59 p.m. - The next, and final, appearance of one of the three in the yard to shut OFF the radio.
  • 10:10 p.m. - Police officer arrives. Two short police visits with neighbors, three short visits with me over the next twenty-five minutes.
  • 10:35 p.m. - Wednesday night finally closes.

Interesting comments by the officer regarding this visit:
  • "I don't know what you guys have going on between the two of you - and I don't want to know." (You and me both!)
  • "I talked with her for ten seconds and I was already done talking to her." (I feel you pain, brother.)
  • "She said she'll turn it (the radio) back on tomorrow." (And she did. She was in the outbuilding way early, side window open, probably smoking something, waiting for the stroke of 7:00. She turned ON the radio [actually, she turns on everything... and everyone...  :-) ], then came around the corner and stood for a few seconds facing her crap fence with its height extenders, displayed a huge shit-eating grin as if to say, "Screw you," before returning to the radio and spinning the volume knob UP for a few seconds. She probably thought I might be sleeping after the late night escapades.)
  • "She was not very receptive to anything I had to say." (Don't take it personally. She deals with everyone that way.)
  • When I told the officer I had been patient with her for a long time, but I had now lost my patience, he said, "I lost my patience in two minutes."

Lynda's / Theresa's / Corky's excuses:
  1. I play it all day all the time. (Since June 2009, genius, when the speaker appeared right after you were served the civil lawsuit for noise nuisance.)
  2. I'm legal within the city's noise ordinance time limits. (Um, check again, babe. So you don't have to bust a brain cell finding it, here it is, below. Have someone read it to you. Ordinance 1374, Section 9.52.040, subsection A. - the city law since December 5, 2007. But remember your legal training; municipal code is superceded by state law, in this case the California Penal Code, Section 415, if the use (radio) has no communication value and the purpose is to annoy another.)
  3. It's an outdoor speaker so I can play it in the (rain / dark / cold / bathrobe and slippers.)
  4. I like to listen to music while I'm working in the yard (in the rain / dark / cold / bathrobe and slippers? Buy an iPod, duh...)
  5. I can do whatever I want on my property. (As long as you do not export your noise to other people's properties.)
  6. I stopped running the icemaker - what MORE does that f******, freaky neighbor want? (see here)
  7. HE's harrassing US by calling the police all the time! - Waaahh! (Hey, I'm not the one who has scammed everyone and screwed up everything for the last twenty-three years. Here's your sign... Compliance Brings Peace.)

My attorney called this morning:

We discussed the civil case's Defendants' total silence (I love the sound of that!) regarding the proposed Stipulated Judgment and the next discovery actions held in temporary abeyance.

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