Friday, April 9, 2010

Icy Cold Dealings...

It is hard to imagine anyone having a more intimate working knowledge of the now defunct TLC Catering's operation than Mr. Bill Crystal, of AAA Refrigeration.
  • Mr. Bill was the shining knight who came running every time Lynda called him to say the icemaker had gone Kaput!
  • (Picture taken September 3, 2008. An extra bucket was always left filled for the junkyard dogs to drink from during the day. Whiskey loved to chew the ice, too.)
  • Mr. Bill, the Dr. House of icemakers, was the one to risk his life for a few ice cubes, as in this post.
  • Mr. Bill was much more than merely a service vendor - more of a dear, dear friend - to the perennially poor, little, and old women, who struggled and scraped to just barely eke a spartan living out of the cutthroat street vending business. (Oh, puh...leeze! gag!)
  • Mr. Bill spent an entire evening sitting with the entourage that showed up to encourage and laugh at Lynda's offensive redneck humor during the March 3, 2009 city council meeting.
  • (An Easter, 2010, picture. T, L & C were gone all day, but left the radio ON for my "enjoyment." ) 

And now... {drum roll}... Mr. Bill has once again ridden to the rescue of the fair maidens not-so-fair, unemployed spinsters! He poked around the icemaker, inside the illegal structure built for it, and spent well over an hour (1240 hrs to 1423 hrs) sitting in the cover-less gazebo in deep conversation with T & L. (Oh, yeah... the yard radio was too loud and bothered these refined, considerate owners and their honored guest, so they turned the volume way, way down so they could think and/or talk without shouting.) Just guessing now, but I imagine one possible deal being pitched is that Bill buys the icemaker, or at least broker a deal,  so that T & L can pay their mortgage... or whatever... or buy more lawyer time to defend against my lawsuit.

Or, maybe Bill is supposed to get the machine certified and running again so it doesn't fail another demonstration. (It failed to start when T & L first tried to up-sell a potential buyer. Damn! The one time I wished it did run, and all it could do was cough and splutter!)

Sell the icemaker to defend against my lawsuit regarding their icemaker?! Now, that's icy cold. Wouldn't that be an irony to beat all? Whoot!

The March 30, 2010, Proposed Stipulated Judgment (still unacknowledged by the defendants) reads, in recital #1:
"The ice maker... shall be dismantled or otherwise made inoperable..."
Selling it and having it removed would certainly meet that stipulation. Of course, I believe nothing Lynda or Theresa say or sign until after they actually carry out their promise. (Now who's being icy cold?)

And, while they're at it, they could throw the yard radio into the deal, as in recital #2,
"Said outside radio... shall be dismantled or otherwise made inoperable..."
(Just sayin'...)
- - - - - - - -
p.s. To whomever buys this ancient, rattley, noisy, leaky, beat up, electricity-sucking (when not shorting out) Scotsman CME2006R commercial ice machine - here is the (free) official service manual.  ( ;-)  Tryin' to be helpful here...)

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