Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Never-Ending Machiavellian Comedy

This one has to be a pictorial. My neighbors' completely juvenile behavior could never be explained properly without these images.

Last April 28th was the first time the city's public affairs officer, who is also the code enforcement supervisor, stood around next door and seconded a police officer's earlier suggestion that a sound barrier be installed. Of course, he left it entirely up to the owners, and the first picture shows what resulted.
A single sheet of 1/4-inch plywood was screwed to the 4x4's in front of the noisy icemaker! The little hens go, "Cheap, cheap, cheap." Absolutely no noise reduction was accomplished. However, they played it up big time, as true devotees of Machiavellianism, using the same guiding principles as our city government officials.

After my exclamation of protest and dismay was put in writing, another visit was made somewhere around July 22nd. The neighbors were strongly advised to curtail nighttime operation. After that date the machines, compressor and condenser, were turned off around 7:30 each evening. (But they are still manually started up at approx. 6:00 a.m. every morning.
Even if it's only a 30-second self-check, it still wakes me up.

My guess is they were visited again in mid-October because, on October 21st, a little bit of hammering was heard. This is now the view from my bedroom window. I call it Cheap Trailer Trash architecture. But it's eco-friendly what with the piece of recycled siding sticking up over the plywood. Does anyone believe it meets building code?

Would a REAL code enforcement officer go for this evasion of reality? A REAL code enforcement officer would have required a permit (because it's being attached to an existing building), proper engineering, proper materials, and a competent contractor to construct something with such a specific use as noise attenuation. And it does nothing to address the noise from the condenser on the roof - a commercial unit, not rated for household use. It is unlike any standard air conditioner or heat pump. Such is the sorry state of code enforcement in Manteca.

This is looking over the fence and to the east.

This is looking over the fence and to the west.

Do these poor saps - next door and downtown - really think I'm going to negotiate away my right to abate this illegal operation for a few sheets of plywood?
The curtain has not yet rung down on this tragic play.


The Manteca Response said...

If my investigations of all the current candidates serves me correctly, Samuel Anderson would have this illegal operation shut down. Am I correct to assume this?

noisemaker said...

You are 100% correct. Samuel is "THE MAN." He has personally heard the racket made by the icemaker during the daytime, and completely understands the situation with the illegal business expansion next door. My ballot has already been marked and mailed.

The entire current city council, the city manager, and the city attorney all received handwritten invitations to a slumber party at my place to witness these things for themselves, but all seven were "no shows."

The Manteca Response said...

I think Samuel Anderson is going to win this race now. I'm convinced of it. I'm getting too many emails about his Letter to the Editor I posted on the site. It's almost comedy that these comments from visitors do not wish to identify themselves. The acceptance of PG&E money is going to go far in the voting polls and I have heard from others that have informed me months ago they are for Steve DeBrum, but now they are no longer voting for him. I have yet to hear from others, too. Mike Hall has contacted me, but that is all. From what I have seen and heard personally, Samuel is genuine and truly cares. This is his politics and if Manteca does not vote him in, they will have lost a real man that would get things done.