Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WTF Kind of Marijuana Caregivers Are You?!!!

Don't bother to answer the question... I already know.
Of all the stupid, irresponsible actions of Lyin' Lynda Allen, Theresa "Brassy Boobs" Brassey and Corkscrewed Cornelia Green, yesterday's was the most egregious yet. They let Brassey drive! alone and stoned! (Of course, all three of them are always stoned nowadays.)

At 10:18 a.m., Brassey poked her head out the back door, emerged, and waddled unsteadily toward the cars, checking about to see if anyone was watching her. The hired handyman appeared to take no notice... at least until Theresa climbed into the Big-Ass Black Pickup Truck, turned it on, and began at 10:21 to execute a T-turn in the constricted, overcrowded yard.

Yesterday's configuration of tents and sheds
on Allen's & Brassey's property
(new additions and re-locations daily)
At that point, the handyman made a beeline to the screened porch and relayed a warning message. Within seconds, Corkscrewed Green popped out the back door and quickly jogged to the truck as Brassey pulled up to the driveway gate. Green quickly returned to inside the house, passing Lyin' Lynda emerging out the back. Green intercepted Brassey out front and held a confab with her on the street. At 10:25, Brassey hesitantly piloted the Big-Ass Pickup Truck away to the south.

There was way too much urgency displayed during this episode to be merely a case of Brassey forgetting a list of building materials or groceries. No, I've had the unfortunate experience of living next to the unstable pair, Allen and Brassey, for almost four years and Brassey was clearly acting erratically (and, more seriously, without the Alpha Bitch's express permission.)

When asked to vote on the 2010 Proposition 19 - Legalize Marijuana in CA, Regulate and Tax, voters in San Joaquin County rejected giving dopers unrestricted access by 61% to 39%. (Even all the Left Coast potheads and other useful idiots could not overcome a statewide rejection of 54%.)


Yes Votes - 3,897,789 46.0%
No Votes - 4,574,463 54.0%

San Joaquin County:

Yes Votes - 45,263 38.83%
No Votes - 71,295 61.17%

But (and this is a Big-Ass Truck-sized But), residents of the state are saddled with that partial birth abortion known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 (CUA), HSC 11362.5. In subsection (b)(2) is this verbiage:
"Nothing in this section shall be construed to supersede legislation prohibiting persons from engaging in conduct that endangers others, nor to condone the diversion of marijuana for nonmedical purposes."
"Conduct that endangers others" explicitly applies to DUI operations of motor vehicles.

Of course, police can't test and won't enforce; D.A.'s can't win and won't prosecute; courts are already... well, you know... too screwed up to interpret laws correctly any more; the past governor reduced "minor amount" possession to no more than a traffic ticket; and the current governor will... will encourage the pothead lawyer legislature to completely legalize grass.

I'm guessing Brassey would have to kill herself (like) - and likely someone else (dislike) - before a successful DUI prosecution would stick in SJCo. (Except, live people say only nice things about dead BDG's...)

To top it all off, the San Joaquin County D.A.'s office failed in their CUA responsibility to construct and maintain files of registered sex offenders medical marijuana users and their caregivers. No one knows WTF is going on! The whole damn house of cards is built on the intrinsic integrity of law-abiding pot smokers and the thorough-going professionalism of certified so-called doctors who write the Marijuana Recommendations. (Which is to say, we're screwed.)

Is anyone willing to tell us how well the CUA - that bad law imposed by duped doped well-meaning idiots in a direct democracy and left to citizen self-enforcement by incompetent (we say) and underpaid (they say) officialdom - just how well is that bad law working out for us? The answer is not to completely legalize weed, but to put it back under competent medical authority - if such can be found. (We may just be screwed, after all.)

And the Barefoot Dirty Girls of Manteca grow the best damn Sierra High(c) brand of shit, smoke it by the potful, and happily! euphorically! hungrily! hit the roads and highways of our locale in their Big-Ass Black Pickup Truck.

The BDG's mud flap motto?



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