Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hey, Lantz, Look! It's A 20-Foot Wall, After All!

BDG's Tuesday morning property configuration 

But by Tuesday evening...
Not enough! Build a wall!

Display of other-world ability for tasteless architecture
by Frank Lloyd "Lyin' Lynda" Wright

These benighted women still have not learned that property rights have very little to do with an actual piece of dirt, but much more to do with conforming to community standards of behavior (municipal laws) and not exporting their noxious (and incredibly stupid) lives onto others.

This episode is a developing response to my recent response to the BDG's pathological and never-ending intrusions and invasions onto my property and into my life. They have not let up since I got here - despite a few bumbling actions by the city, and despite a lawsuit (now almost two years old) against them.

Notice the letter date, March 5, 2008, when I documented my very first visit with Lantz Rey of Manteca's Planning Department with a proposal to build a freeway-style sound wall on the property line.

Request #: 127445 Entered: 03/11/2008 1:27 PM
Status: Closed
Request Type: Complaint
Topic: Noise (other than animals)
Incident Time: Continuous
Incident Date:
Description: From: Lantz Rey in the Planning Division

On March 5th I received a letter from Richard Behling who lives at 786 Fishback Road. Mr. Behling had previously been into City hall to talk with Planning about putting up a masonry wall between his property and 810 Fishback. ...
His response was essentially, "Rather than create a variance condition, why not take care of the real problem?" He has since been promoted to a position where he can do some real damage good.

Sounds great, doesn't it? But then I discovered where the "real problem" lies...

The trouble is that for the next year, every single city department and official, including the police chief speaking for the city manager - and especially those Five-Zeros, the city council - told me in flowery, oh-so-polite and condescending terms to... go fuck myself! ...and have a nice life. Now you can see where the "real problem" is lodged.

Returning to the current round of one-ups, I find it rather amusing that I could stand being surveilled by the BDG's for three months, since October, while they could not stand the return treatment for even ten days (and that's not counting Lyin' Lynda's false police report the first day.) Kinda makes one wonder, Who's got something to hide here?

Reality TV sucks when compared with the antics of the BDG's. It was hilarious to watch the original marijuana tent do little bunny hops westward until it abutted the eastern Marijuana Shed and closed a viewing gap. Later, the medically retired sponges on the system women of leisure waddled up and down, back and forth - and up and down again - trying to figure the angles to fly a mainsail. (Those five-times-a-day doobies are really working. Both Lyin' Lynda and Resectioned Red are really, really paranoid... and they must have great appetites to go along with their complete inactivity, judging from their broad beams, which make them look like bottom-heavy penguins when they walk.) They had their worker boy climbing on the walk-in freezer and catwalking across fence tops to put up the braces seen earlier.

Speaking of braces (an English word for suspenders), wasn't it a real treat to see Plumber-Crack Crystal again? Really, now that the icemaker is gone, his only reason to visit is to catch up on smoochies from the Party Girls. One could easily see from his pear-shaped torso (or did he just have a blimp tucked in his shirt?) that suspenders are an absolute necessity.

Speaking of Party Girls, the BDG's now have nothing to do - except go out for groceries on occasion and to grow and smoke marijuana. For company they keep six dogs; two junkyard dogs, three indoor lapdogs, and one that swings both ways. Every few hours they shut up the junkyard dogs in the Smokehouse so they can run the house dogs in the yard. "Girls in!" "Babies out!" "C'mon, little man, pee-pee. Hurry up!" "Babies in!" "Girls out!"

With three BDG's trying to run the show, once in a while they get crossed up and the big dogs go after the pissy little dogs... then the hollerin' and screechin' begins... then the East Bay white trash roots come out.

That reminds me... Animal Control got back to me the other day with:
Manteca-CRM: Closed Request # 574732
Sent: Tue 1/25/2011 7:29 AM
Your request # 574732 [of 1/17/11] has been resolved with the resolution:

Lynda hasn't been home for me to check on the # of animals, so I'll be issuing her a citation through the mail in regards to having to (sic) many animals.

That's rich! Lyin' Lynda is home all day, every day... except for the two days she hauled her junk elsewhere. Even so, the other property owner, the other irresponsible party, the delicate flower, Resectioned Red Riding Hood, was left behind to keep the ravenous wolf from the door. No, it's more a matter of these slippery sleaze buckets possessing a sixth sense regarding process servers and dog catchers.

"Oh?" says L/L in surprise (everything is a surprise to her), "Another pissy citation in the mail? Well, honey, you just send it along 'cause, I do declare, I ran outta Zig-Zag papers."

This morning, Lyin' Lynda bellers hollers screeches out, "Step lively, now! Hoist the mainsail!"

...and up it goes! A tarp on toothpicks!

Sail away with me, you little wog
Sail, sail, sail away with me...
 I'll bet that lawyer fellow had a sailing picture in the office where Lyin' Lynda sat recently... and wasted everyone's afternoon.

Hey, Lantz Rey, look! It's a 20-foot wall, after all!

(I feel a formal complaint coming on...)


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