Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The BDG Waggle Dance!


While monitoring my home security video feed yesterday, I came across some of the rarest behavior ever captured on video. It left me shaken, both for its value as disturbing documentation, as well as for its raw, animalistic intensity.

Backing up a bit... I recently visited a natural history museum. One of the displays was a video presentation of the life and times of honey bees. One particularly interesting segment was the Waggle Dance - the method by which scout bees informed worker bees of the whereabouts of plants with pollen and nectar.

This waggle dance behavior of honey bees is very well documented and has a direct correlation to the continuation of the hive.

What is NOT so well documented is similar behavior in humans - at least insofar as it applies to survival. There IS evidence that waggle-dancing humans do so as part of a mating dance ritual, or for purely exhibitionistic reasons. And in certain cases, mental retardation and inhibitions impaired by drugs are the contributing factors. Click below for two examples of public waggle dancing.

But yesterday's brilliant performance of the waggle dance by the infamous Barefoot Dirty Girl - Manteca's own Resectioned Red! - was truly noteworthy (especially considering she is built LESS like the preceding dancers and MORE like a brick shit house.) Her abberant behavior can only be attributed to high concentrations of THC in her already lethargic brain, thus depressing to a greater degree any social inhibitions she may have once had. (There's a reason it's called "dope.")

[Pics removed. Reason: not yet cleared for publication (and to protect small dogs and children!)]

Even more perplexing is that the same "medicine" these BDG geese have been dishing out since last October... they are finding it very bitter when the gander dishes it back for them to swallow.

Suck it up!... or, better yet, Give it up!

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(Still building, are we? How many days until you leave, L/L?)

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