Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hell On Wheels Grinds (Exceedingly) Slowly Along


Did Lyin' Lynda charge a modeling fee for this? her normal posture?

Where to begin talking about complete and utter ineptitude*?!

Today there was a scheduled Case Management Conference before the judge of the pending civil suit against "Lyin' Lynda" Allen and Theresa A "Resectioned Red" Brassey, at which meeting:
  • Plaintiff's attorney appeared in person
  • Plaintiff's case management statement was filed earlier, as required
  • Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgment was filed earlier
  • Defendants' attorney failed to appear, in person or by telephone
  • Defendants failed to appear pro per
  • Defendants failed to file a case management statement, as required
Where were the Defendants? Who knows? They were up waddling around early this morning, packing their little Playmate(c) coolers, preparing to go screw off somewhere for the day. The only mind (wrong word?) they've paid this lawsuit is to ignore it and drag it out as long as possible.

Where was their White Knight, the kid from Farmers Insurance Company, their "free" attorney? Who knows? Did Farmers finally come to the realization that they - and the company's policyholders - have also been thoroughly screwed by Lynda and Theresa?

Will any of them deign to answer the current Motion, or to show up at the Motion hearing in April?

Who knows? Who cares? {shrug} The BDG's have their heads up their asses... or each other's asses, more likely.

Now the Games can really begin...
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in·ept (adj) 1. Not apt or fitting; inappropriate; unsuitable; out of place. 2. absurd or foolish: an inept remark. 3. a. Displaying a lack of judgment, sense, or reason; foolish: an inept remark. b. Awkward, bungling or clumsy; haplessly incompetent: inept handling of the account. 4. Without skill or aptitude for a particular task or assignment; maladroit: "Red is inept at mechanical tasks" "Yellow is inept at dealing with people" "Green is inept at everything else"


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