Saturday, January 1, 2011

Allen's & Brassey's Ghastly Grandfather Dies!


A message came to me a short while ago that Lyin' Lynda was adamantly asserting that she had the RIGHT to start up her business again if SHE wanted to - after all, it's HER property and she's got a "legally grandfathered business" on it.

*Pish!* When I received that message, I did not respond to it, but rather waited for the City of Manteca to respond to my December 1st request for a re-determination of Lyin' Lynda's legality.

The city's response was dated December 15, 2010 and is posted here:

The key phrases are, "the nonconforming status is lost and the nonconforming use may not be resumed."

As you can see, Lyin' Lynda's assertion is nought but babbling and raving. She has lied since November 1987 - from the very beginning of her residency on the property - about the "grandfathered" status of TLC Catering and Commissary. Besides the fact that it NEVER WAS grandfathered, it is now determined that the status is detached from the property and extinguished. This widely known, respected pillar self-deceived lunatic of Fishback Street and Resectioned Red, her lover and partner, breathe out only hot air and secondhand marijuana combustion compounds.

Good-bye, Grandfather!

Good Riddance.

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Countrylifegal said...

Yahoo and congratulations! Now that's one helluva belated Christmas present!

May the New Year finally bring sweet residential quietude to you!