Thursday, January 6, 2011

Half Done: The Re-Creation(s) of BDG's

My sincerest apologies to Robert "Buck" Brown (c.1936-2007) for the slight alterations to his drawing.

But, damn, the multi-layered humor remains, especially when one considers some possible future reconstruction next door... if Red gets that far. And they all love to smoke stuff that messes with their heads, too.

What?! You are offended that I should ridicule someone with cancer? or cretinism? or warts? Just what is the problem? No offense to the Offended Blogger, but I take offense when others take offense to me poking fun at the most offensive neighbors I have ever encountered, regardless of their health disasters, financial disasters, social disasters, business disasters, lifestyle choice disasters, medicinal disasters, canine disasters, and DIY handyman disasters. Some is done in prose, some in verse; some is done in portrait, some in caricature. For a previous versified example, see the post Missa Pro Defunctis (Requiem) in Limerick for my light-hearted offering of a final farewell to the dominatrix of cancerous catering companies.
Lest the reader should think that I'm crass -
(With the goal to kick her in the ass) -
'Tis her PAIN! Hard to suffer,
Let God quickly snuff her
Then we all'd be in good smokin' grass.


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