Wednesday, April 6, 2011

BDG-TV Horror Movie: 8,545 Days of Terrorizing Neighbors

8,545 days (23.4 yrs) from their hostile takeover
Nov. 13, 1987, BDG convoy flees from Manteca.
Vaya con Diablo!

(source of great pic)

Yesterday, all three residents packed the Sebring to the gills with clothes. I'm sure the last things L/L and Beefy Brassey squeezed into that last bit of room were their girdles, hair curlers, and wedding dresses... {yuk, yuk...}

Then cars and trucks were shuffled around the yard just like a sliding numbers puzzle: 1) the Tahoe out of the tent; 2) Sebring into the tent; 3) Big-Ass Black Pickup backed into walkway for loading. {Tiring day; time to toke heavy before bed.}

After the usual pissing away of the morning hours, they spent a little time today packing crap in the B-A. B. P/U.

Now for the heavy stuff...

Can't wait for the moving trucks!

Take it all, but remember there's [at least one] light
on the tree that won't light on one side.


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