Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BDG Easter: Death, Resurrection, and a New High

The Barefoot Dirty Girls are stripped to their essence...


Moving truck - January 17th post

Pickups and trailers used - January 24th post

History of dismantling since July 2010 - March 30th post

Packing clothes into the Sebring - April 6th post

Last week's convoys (yes, plural)
Bed frames, mattresses, dressers, and more

Even the day before Easter was used, as the original marijuana tent was moved to the southeast corner of the property. But, as you can see, the property is still encumbered with "left-overs."

(1) Travel trailer, (2) Catering truck, (3) Vending truck,
(4) Shipping container, (5) Marijuana tent,
(6) Walk-in freezer, (7) Shanty shed

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

ONE DAY OF PEACE - Easter Sunday

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


Items of note in the pictures above are these:
  • The new cinder block retaining wall stretching the length of the southern property line (two weeks before Easter.)
  • The removal of the old satellite dish and yard light, and new replacement yard light (the week before Easter.)
  • The fence around the marijuana sheds painted white on Good Friday (whitewashing the sepulchre.)
  • The still operational surveillance cameras (one is just below the new yard light.)
Other items of note, not pictured:
  • Two black yard dogs still on property
  • Daily visitors to feed the dogs, check the marijuana plants, and make the place look occupied.
  • Temporary residents hauled in bags of stuff and a sleeping pad just after midnight Monday morning.
My analysis of the situation goes like this:
  • The BDG's did way too much cleanup, and even improvements, for this to be preparation for a mortgage default.
  • The BDG's did way too little cleanup for this to be preparation for a property short sale. All the "left-over" equipment, noted above, indicates that.
  • The BDG's housesitter/handyman was part of the moving and painting crew and now serves as transition staff to a long term marijuana "sharecropper."
  • The catering business was merely a distribution "front."
  • There is no evidence the BDG's are relinquishing ownership or control of the property and their new, state-of-the-art pot farm. This was merely a strategic withdrawal, upon which to make more evasive claims.
The BDG's actions, and rationally deduced intentions, predict another illegal business on the property, as I theorized in October of last year. Their evasive actions and their long, documented history of manipulation and deceit with the catering truck business - especially their last few years with only one truck - supports and sharpens that prediction.

Building and rebuilding continues apace, with another of Lyin' Lynda's "little boxes" being replaced. Back on April 4, there appeared another old woman on the property, "who greeted Lyin' Auntie Lyn with a hug and Roly-Poly Red with a handshake;" Cork-Screwed got a mere nod. This other woman walks very much like Lyin' Lynda (rounded shoulders, stooped back, arms swinging in gorilla-like fashion), but her hair was thicker and darker (unlike L/L's wispy, dish-rag gray mop.) She appeared again on Monday to supervise Bubba or Bubba Lite (can't tell because they both wear prison britches) and a young woman in taking down the skeleton of the old tent gazebo and trying to set posts for a new, beefier gazebo.

Lyin' Lynda's surveillance cameras - those watching my property instead of hers - are still up, and I'm sure that the new family caretakers are under strict orders to leave them in place.

We'll see how long it takes before Bubba Lite gets tired of paying for Lyin' Lynda's sins...

Is this conniving bitch really worth giving up your dignity?

Is her expanding marijuana business something you really want to get swept up in?



Anonymous said...

I pray God has brought you peace at last. No posts.....no neighbors?

noisemaker said...

The BDG's are physically gone (God be praised!) The junkyard dogs and sentinel "sharecroppers" still infest the property. The final solution is... in abeyance.