Friday, April 8, 2011

At Last! A Glimpse of the Promised Land!


main website for support, comraderie, counsel, etc.

I'm pretty sure Mr. Borzotta will have no problem with me mentioning his book and his website again.

The reason I bring the subject up, and show a screen print of the opening page of his site, is for the longer testimonial written in red that begins, "Wow, Bob!"... and ends with, "This book will provide the spark to rekindle the soul extinguished by evil neighbors."

Bob reminded me a while back that one of the examples in his book is called a "Dirty Girl." That was after he noticed my naming Lyin' Lynda, Ravaged Red, Cork-screwed, collectively as the Barefoot Dirty Girls (so named by one of their customers many years ago.)

To not be reprobate, I must express a big "Thank You" to Bob Borzotta for being one of the voices of reason on which I rested my sanity during the last couple years. At long last, I catch a glimpse of the Promised Land of peace and quiet not too far off.

Incidentally, I wrote that testimonial for him. Anyone care to guess who are the evil neighbors I refer to?

So long, Barefoot Dirty Girls. Good riddance. Vaya con Diablo.

May your next neighbors have extra helpings of God-given strength. {They're going to need it.}



Anonymous said...

God Bless You Kind Sir!

Bob Borzotta said...

This is why I love Googling myself every few months. Thanks!