Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lawyer up!

Immediately after the backhanded shuffle pass made by the Manteca City Council at their meeting last month (Tuesday, March 3, 2009), I was momentarily undecided how to procede. But two days later I had a telephone conversation with my consulting attorney and by Friday made a retainer payment. We met again last Tuesday (April 7) and he outlined his legal research and the process that would develop over the next couple months.

My (blog) silence since March 9th was due, firstly, to the loyal readership of Rex Osborn. The real shame is although he reads, he doesn't process information very well, as evidenced by the misconstructions and innuendos that came out of his mouth during the city council meeting (see the City Council meeting transcript.)

Secondly, because of the direct hot line that the O. Rex has with Lynda Allen, next door, I felt it best to play things close and keep the suspense going. Why let anyone know who I'll sue or when I'll do it? These women, Lynda, Theresa, and Corky, are real works of art; THEY wake me up at 3:00 a.m. with the hour-long "ICE BUCKET BRIGADE" and then Lynda calls the police on ME when I go out on my front porch at 4:30 and watch them drive away in their "roach coach."

Of course, Theresa starts banging around in the outdoor refrigerators, next to the icemaker, at 12:30 or 1:00 a.m. before firing up the catering truck's grills, slicing and dicing ingredients, and sending up clouds of greasy smoke smelling of tortillas, sausage, and other fried items on the midnight air.

After the truck finally leaves, it's Corky's turn until 6:30 a.m. - slamming doors, restocking perishable foods in the across-fence refrigerators, dropping dog-proof trash bin lids, vacuuming the house, shoveling ice into her lunch cooler, and more ice into buckets for the yard dogs (the same buckets used to fill the catering truck with ice, or to turn upside down on the ground and use as stepstools). Her last and most important task is punching the icemaker's ON button and hurriedly driving away, leaving the icemaker noise behind for my benefit (or, detriment.)

It is instructive to note that when these three have company over on weekends, they tend to leave the noisy, disruptive icemaker OFF until it's "safe" to run again.

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