Monday, March 14, 2011

Lowbrow Art: Part 1: Mark Ryden: Beginnings

The Angel of Meat

Patron saint of butchers, food stamp welfare cases,
and catering truck drivers

(Moreover, she gave TLC to three very really special children!)

The first belle infant trains to drive a dog cart
and handle large, slimy, squishy, nasty things.

The South has gargantuan bugs,
which are sometimes used in transportation.

The second brat trades her soul for the first catering truck she sees.

Sixty years later, she still insists on maintaining a collection of them in her yard.
(Prob'ly be buried in one... jus' sayin'...)

The third - a true "artiste" - routinely practices her
creative skills with imagination and sensitivity.

For instance, she can't stand anything with testicles.

The visions from the Angel of Meat become their live's only desire.

Well... that, plus their ball-breaking obsession!

Close call!

Or, was it just the trio's early experimentation with hallucinogens?
Good thing the Angel of Meat was watching over them.

The Fateful Punk/Goth Girl Gang
Destined to spread their perverted vision of TLC.

The New Angels of Meat

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Images' source: Mark Ryden website
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General note:

Lowbrow art, as opposed to highbrow or fine art, is variously described as "cartoon-tainted abstract surrealism" or "pop surrealism." No matter the words used, Ryden's use of the medium is richly expressive of how certain girls went horribly wrong.


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