Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Properties of Ice

Ice is a fascinating substance - when it's not being manufactured at night next to one's bedroom window. Here are some online articles of interest regarding its unique properties:

General -




Snowballs -


Glacial processes -


Here are some ice properties one doesn't hear about every day:

Ablation - Surface removal of ice or snow from a glacier or snowfield by melting, sublimation, and/or calving.

Sublimation - Where ice changes into water vapor without first becoming liquid. This process requires approximately 680 calories of heat energy for each gram of water converted.

Regelation - Where ice melts under pressure and then refreezes once the pressure has passed. Look for it in http://skua.gps.caltech.edu/hermann/ice.htm

All this gives new layers of meaning to phrases such as:
My NsFH regelated after each enforcement inquiry;
The City of Manteca ablated a long time ago;
The judicial process is glacial; and
Don't consume any ice from TLC Catering.

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