Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm loving this guy's writing already...

Right on! Well said!

It seems Lexington, Kentucky and Manteca, California have two strong commonalities - brazen malefactors who flout zoning laws for personal gain at neighbors' expense, and an impotent city government whose posturing officials refuse to enforce the very same laws they voted into existence.

Here are my three favorite quotes from the post above. The first is (obviously) a parenthetical illustration of the point being made that it only takes one rotten apple to ruin the barrel. (Oops! another illustration...)

"(never mind that it just takes one Animal House out of ten—a 90:10 mix—on a street to push it to the point of no return if that house happens to be next door to you)"

The second is a footnote that describes my NFH's to a T. When I first read it, I thought, 'Has he met Allen & Brassey before, or did he just read about their grand acoustics engineering project of sound isolating an ice machine with 1/4" plywood?'

"3. Retrofitted by people who are uniquely unqualified to do so—unless you consider owning a circular saw and a nail gun, having an unnatural predilection for treated lumber and plastic siding, being completely unaware of the impact that one’s actions have on those around them, and possessing an unwavering commitment to doing things as cheaply as humanly possible in all cases—to be qualities that qualify an individual in these matters."

The third is a footnote disclaimer on the writer's approach and manner of communicating with opposing parties. I truly wish I could articulate my empathetic shortcomings as well as he.

"1. I will no doubt convey my thoughts on these matters in ways that are objectionable to the many good people who have invested where I have not, who have negotiated where I have railed, and who will likely take exception both to WHAT I say and HOW I say it—better known as a 'two-fer.'"

I may have to return to Lexington someday just to meet this guy and shake his hand.

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