Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Keystones of the Quiet, the Hellishly Noisy, and Manteca

The folks over at the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse (NPC) have pulled together a wealth of information on noise -those who create it, those forced to listen to it, and the problems caused by it. They have been on this project for twelve years. The following excerpts were taken from the article, The Nature of Noise, found on page 4 of The Quiet Zone, Fall 2006, a newsletter published by the NPC.

- - - - -
“The noise polluter can be amazingly uncivil, waking people in the middle of the night, often repeatedly, or imposing noise on others without their consent.”

“Much of the noise pollution we experience results from individuals and businesses who believe that it is their right or freedom to make noise. The most common right claimed is a property right. They claim that they should be free to use their property as they see fit without interference from others. The second most common right cited is that of prior occupation. People often assume that if the noise source "was there" before the complainant, that the noise is permissible. Finally, some people claim that they should be free to act as they wish without interference from others or the state, or they claim specific rights such as the freedom of speech.”

“Noise becomes a problem when it flows onto another’s property without their consent.”

“If the noise is not reciprocal, if it primarily travels one way, then problems ensue. A lack of reciprocity is the defining characteristic of almost every major noise problem.”

“Building a good sense of community… may even be impossible if one is faced with an uncaring ‘neighbor from hell’...”

- - - - -

A book I'm eagerly anticipating is scheduled for release through within a few months. It is entitled, "Neighbors From Hell", written by Bob Borzotta. I found out about his writing project too late to submit my story for him to consider including in the book.

That's too bad because Allen & Brassey: TLC on Fishback Street - A documented account of the unlawful commencement, enlargement, and continued operation of TLC Catering at 810 Fishback Street, Manteca, CA is an epic spanning decades and includes the title confidence artists, City shills, a court Rasputin, bumbling bureaucrats, ridiculous Keystone Cops, impotent officials, blindly ambitious politicos, and other unsavory characters. It more than covers the failure of the City of Manteca to operate by the rule of law, opting instead for favors and feudalism. As yet unexplored are the money trails and the inbred sexual intrigues of the actors.


Bob Borzotta said...

I just released it. Hope it was worth the wait.

noisemaker said...

Oh, I'm sure it will be!