Friday, February 20, 2009

A Few Key Documents From the Report

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First up, the County Recorder's filing showing the annexation finalizing in December 1986.

Next is the deed where the Mego's, still living at 810 Fishback in April 1987, purchased a new home on the other side of Manteca. After this purchase they would have put up the property for sale.

This second deed is when the Mego's sold the property to Lynda Allen & Theresa Brassey in November 1987.

Sixteen months later is the Fictitious Business Name published notice from March 1989, where in Allen & Brassey lied about their principal place of business.

Lastly, the hand-redrawn chart of the business operation of TLC Catering from the new beginning in Manteca through 2008 (current.) Most of this data came from the Health Department permits the two women relied on so heavily.

Enjoyable, no?


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