Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What Do Pit Bulls, Used Cars, Annexations & Code Enforcement Have in Common?

City of Manteca senior staff are schizophrenic. Of course, its a "trickle down" effect because our Glorious City Council enables them to pursue their pet projects with a free hand, while totally ignoring the festering boils infecting various neighborhoods.

This explains why an unenforceable pit bull ordinance gets adopted 5-0 over the objections of some who have state law backing them up. (Can anyone say, arrogant?)

This explains why code enforcement and planning force a used car dealer to put in "beautifying" downtown landscaping, while ugly, illegal uses of many residential properties - and much illegal business - runs rampant throughout the city, even after code enforcement and planning/zoning are handed the evidence on a silver platter. (Hmm... kinda like "whitewashing the sepulchre.")

This explains why the whole MUSD property must be annexed - along with taking away the protest rights from the East Louise/Airport Way residents - in order to clear a path to the future annexation of a large industrial park. (Restated: My public legacy - your private expense.)

This explains the campaign rhetoric of one councilman, Steve DeBrum, "We must continue to augment an aggressive code enforcement program with a complaint-driven system in order to ... [blah, blah, blah]" and the emphatic public statement of the Director of Community Development, Mark Nelson, "It is not my job to perpetuate the mistakes of the past!" versus the whining, handwringing refrain from code enforcement, "There is nothing we can do."

See the advantages of a huge "committee" run by politicians? They can lay claim to all the credit on one hand and deny any blame or culpability (or responsibility) on the other.


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