Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Beautiful Day or Two

Monday was great. After a few cycles, the Scotsman icemaker choked in some fashion and produced nothing but QUIET the rest of my morning - a most pleasing non-sound.

When Allen & Brassey returned in the afternoon, they must have placed a service call for the expert services of Bill with AAA Refrigeration, 988-2773, to come and coax the ancient machine's components back to loud, lusty, noisy operation.

But Bill is no ordinary commercial service vendor. Ms. Allen introduced him as one of her entourage at City Council meeting last March 3rd: "I have my refrigeration man that can tell you about the ice machine that's not really a problem because it doesn't run all night." Much like The O. Rex, who jumps to TLC's aid when summoned, Bill was there in record time for a small-time outfit responding to an even smaller outlaw outfit. In the one hour and twenty minutes site visit, he took the machinery through a twenty-one minute cycle at the beginning and another cycle at the end. The other three-quarters of an hour in between must have been spent socializing, or strategizing, or telling tales of the road over lunch. The back-up beepers on his company truck announced his departure.

Ice must have been acquired elsewhere for the evening, with some left over for the 3:00 a.m. ice-down Tuesday morning. It wasn't until 4:00 a.m. that Corky started chipping away inside the Follett bin with her ice scoop.

Just how well the machine was repaired remains to be seen. After the 6:15 a.m. startup this morning, the machine cycled off within a half-hour, and again delivered blessed silence until I left for work.

Of course, at 8:15 Corky and yappy-dog open the squeaky-hinge door and crunch their way across the gravel in order to punch the icemaker's ON button. (Ah, well... one step at a time.) She appears on the soundscape again at 11:30 when Mega 100 (radio station) is fired up. Perhaps A, B, and C felt it wise for C to take time off to prepare their defense and file their response with the San Joaquin County Superior Court by next Wednesday.


- only seven days remain on the lawsuit response deadline -

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