Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No, Thank You, To Lowball Offer

The news of an offer - any offer - was fabulous news, initially. Reflection on it, however, produced these thoughts:
  • The insurance company had to try to buy their way out.

  • Allen & Brassey's insurance agent is probably a good friend who believes their cock-and-bull story about the business being legally "grandfathered."

  • The offer was no more than I requested from Allen in Sunday, March 2, 2008. She essentially told me to f-off.

  • From then, until I finished my "TLC is NOT grandfathered" research in December 2008, I suffered hell from their relentless noise and hostile disdain.

  • Upholding the insult and compounding the injury were the jackass officials of the City of Manteca. The frustration and humiliation I experienced trying to deal openly with these "uncivil" servants was intense.

  • I've come too far to give in this soon. With legal counsel, I should prevail on one or both concepts, noise nuisance and illegal use of property.

The following draft reply declines the insufficient offer and gives the insurance company two options - 1) cut and run, or 2) do the whole job and do it right.

June 17, 2009

Dear [name of insurance company],

Your policyholder, Lynda Allen, has misrepresented to you the legal status of the business operation she is conducting on her residential parcel. The absence of valid land use permits renders voidable all legal assistance benefits regarding any of these catering business affairs. We advise you to stop your losses by canceling such coverage and to remove your company from participating in this matter.

Should your company choose to continue participating, please join the lawsuit by filing a Response; and, amend your offer to include relocation costs for all business structures, assets and operations, presently and formerly used, to a properly zoned commercial property.



- only six days remain on the lawsuit response deadline -

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