Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Legal, But Not Just (A Game of Russian Roulette)

Did I fall asleep somewhere along the line? Because when I woke up, I was trapped in a land of fantastical mystery, shadowy dealings, and a completely different set of operating rules than ever experienced heretofore. The sands underfoot constantly shift in random patterns, and every footfall is to risk entrapment in quicksand. One begins to understand suicide among those who find themselves victimized by worldly circumstances or by evil people and come to feel they have no other way out of their unbearably oppressive situation.

How does one get to tell his story in court? There are no more Solomon's. It appears that courts, indeed the entire legal/justice process, are interested only in the major/new/different cases that come along; they have no interest in deciding the mundane/everyday disputes that inevitably occur because of lying, deceitful people who are politically connected or have money (sorry, that's redundant.)

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