Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chasing Tails in Tight Little Paranoid Circles

Pop Warner Football and Cheer started up this week - and it goes on interminably through next December. (But that's for comment some other time.) The line of parked cars along the street is broken in two at the gate next to my driveway, although regularly some brain dead late driver thinks that that primo open spot (my driveway) was saved just for them. (But that's for comment some other time.) When darkness arrives, parents pile their kids into the cars and they all go away... except last night. One car refused to start. A small, older Ford Focus was locked up and left on the street right in front of my fig tree.

Getting ahead of the story a little, morning light revealed it had well-worn seat covers with Hello Kitty logos, Hello Kitty stickers in the back window, and a pink ribbon decal for breast cancer awareness on the back. Likely some unfortunate mom had to hitch a ride for herself and her kids to get home last night

As you know, from midnight to first light, Theresa (which may actually be spelled Teressa), Lovely Lynda, and Corky Corky are up banging, hauling, and yakking around their property, getting the roach coach ready to roll at 4:30 a.m. Well, it rolled on time - right out to the sidewalk, where it stopped for a moment. L and C climbed out and walked down the street to stand behind the car parked in front of my house. Like St. Peter at Heaven's Gate, Lynda had her logbook open and ready, quill poised over page, and took dictation from Corky of each of the characters and numerals that comprised the license plate number of the unsuspecting Ford Focus owned by Hello Kitty.

Had they seen the indications of female ownership? Did they assume that a woman stayed the night in my house? Perhaps there is a potential witness for the Plaintiff here? Not to worry - they have friends in the police department downtown who will run a plate number and reveal the owner's name.

Let T, L, and C

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