Monday, July 6, 2009

Three Days and Three Nights of Noise

In June of last year (2008) the icemaker was broken for a blissfully quiet week. After it was fixed, it ran continuously for days. That same thing happened again this year, this weekend.

I went riding on Friday, July 3rd, because most of the USA had the day off as a holiday. When I returned in the afternoon, the neighbors' Icemaker From Hell had been repaired - and it hasn't been quiet for the last three nights and days. Of course, that is entirely contrary to Ms. Allen's statement in front of the Manteca City Council on March 3rd, when she said:

"I have my refrigeration man [here] that can tell you about the ice machine that's not really a problem because it doesn't run all night. I go to bed at seven, shut it off. I leave at four in the morning."

The machine absolutely DID run all night for many, many nights during the hellish summer of 2007 (for which I have no notes) and also during the summer of 2008 (for which I do have notes.) She may have left at four a.m. (now 4:30 a.m.), but notably omitted mentioning the 6:15 a.m. startup of the machine by the property's third occupant. Shortly after that meeting, "Sleepy Head" Allen moved her bedtime to 8:00 o'clock, along with the corresponding shutoff of the icemaker.

These "public statements vs. private actions" clearly illustrate her lack of truthfulness. Nothing she says can be taken as the truth - or as any part of the truth. To her, truth is very similar to situational ethics: something to be decided at the moment and, depending on the audience, give as little information as possible to buy off the listener.

. . . two days remaining on the revised Response deadline . . .

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