Friday, July 24, 2009

Finally - The Fun Stuff !

Very few people, relatively speaking, know just what kind of a nuisance it is to file a nuisance lawsuit - or any other kind of lawsuit. What's most surprising is that there are people who make their living suing others (and I'm not talking about the lawyers.)

Anyway, keep in mind that almost every step of this procedure gives the other party about 30 days to respond and fire back. First, the Complaint or Pleading is filed with the court and served on the Defendant. Some offers and counteroffers are sent back and forth to see if settlement is possible without the Defendant filing a Response; if so, a Stipulated Agreement is signed and filed with the court.

Alas, my antagonists are so steeped in mean and marinated in nasty that they made a laughable offer to move the ice machine if I would leave them alone. I would have jumped at that offer about, hmmm... March or April of 2008 - over a year ago! But here is the analogy:

You work for someone and he owes you a dollar but refuses to pay. You work some more and he owes you two dollars, then five, then ten. An enforcer comes along to make him pay you, and he offers you one dollar to settle the debt. It's totally incredulous.

Since my neighbors told me to fof off all those months ago, I pursued every City of Manteca ordinance imaginable - and collected enough rejections and rejection letters to fill notebooks from imperious city minions (no civil servants there!)

Last December I finally found the reason Lynda Allen is so small, hard, mean, and ugly.

Beginning in 1987, Lynda and her life partners started living a lie. Six years later she parlayed the verbal lie into a documented lie. Three years later it took her four more years to leverage the documented lie into a court ordered lie. For the last nine years she has been jealously guarding her house of cards, built on a foundation of lies, against anyone and anything that dared to whisper a breath in her direction, especially anyone with the temerity to peer over her fence. Her prime directive for twenty-two years has been to prevent anyone from unearthing her foundation of lies, and she goes into berserk Alpha female attack mode whenever someone gets too close.

Back in the present, the Queens of TLC filed a Response and accompanied it with three sets of Interrogatories and a Demand to Produce (Documents and Artifacts). The court procedure tries to find out all about who this guy is who wants to sue and what's his beef. So, even though I live, breath, sleep (not!), and dream these facts, it took a while to wade through those forms.

Now it's my turn. The draft Interrogatories and Demand to Produce allow me the opportunity to have T, L, and C go through the same research hoops I did - and either confirm my timeline or disprove it. However, they must have documents either way. No stories spun out of thin air or lies told by warping timelines will be acceptable now. I do not know what documents they showed Manteca's clueless boys in blue a year ago last March, but this time the Alpha bitch had better have the right papers to show to people who know what they are looking at and looking for.

The stakes are now the ousting of the whole illegal business operation instead of simply moving the icemaker eighteen months ago.

$10 now instead of the $1 she could have gotten away with back then.



The Manteca Response said...

Good to see you back at it! Go gett'em boy, these people are going to shit a brick when they get your questions, I hope you post them so I can get a feel of what they will be going through. I wouldn't want to mess with you, keep up the fight, stay the course and win this case.

noisemaker said...

Thank you for your comment. The reason these last 25 posts showed up all at once is because the defendants placed a demand on my "personal diaries", which is this blog. Since these entries were going into the public record anyway, it was an easy thing to change them from "unpublished" to "published." Rather than this ad hominem attack on me, opposing counsel should be directing the defendants to address the substantive violations they have committed.

The Manteca Response said...

Yes, these wacko's need to pay for sure. I'm sure there are bats, rats, cats and bugs that don't get enough sleep because of these old bags. Let me know when they get hit with your questions. Should be interesting.