Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Travel Trailer Shim Sham Shimmy

Well, I must admit, Manteca's code enforcement response time is certainly improving. Someone was out a mere 25 hours after I hit the enter key on the City's Government-Reach-Out-And-Touch/Love/Cuddle-Your-Neighbor online reporting system. That response time is warp speed 9 quicker than my first tooth-and-nail attempts to get ANY feedback from the city in March and April of 2008 (I was Sooo naive then.) Even so, Animal Control has them beat at only one hour turnaround last September 8th (2009), after I delivered my complaint in person. (Of course, the Animal Control officer still managed to screw up that investigation...)

Anyway, the white pickup truck with "Manteca Police Department" stenciled on the door, and "Code Enforcement" stenciled under that, pulled up to the curb on the east side of the street and took pictures of the travel trailer parked across the street. He pulled up the street a few rods, and down the street a chain or two, probably to photograph the various perspectives and to write observation notes. All told, approximately ten to fifteen minutes were spent on this endeavor.

Here is the online report that prompted the visit:

Thank you for contacting the City of Manteca. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you and assure you a positive experience with us.

The Complaint you submitted was:
- - - - - - - - -
Request type: Boats, Trailers, RVs on Private Property

Description: Travel trailer at 785 Fishback Street is not in compliance with MMC 17.15.105 Parking and storage of mobile vehicles and accessories on pre July 19, 1978 parcels.

A Wilderness Advantage travel trailer by Fleetwood is parked in the home's side yard, open to view from the front (east) and unscreened on the side (south). In spite of it being there for over two years, no DMV licensing is displayed anywhere on it, only the dealer promo info. The trailer's pop-out extension has been deployed the entire time, the trailer is plugged into an outside electrical outlet, and there are indications someone is using it regularly or living in it.

The January 2009 ordinance's six-month enforcement "grace period" has long since expired.
- - - - - - - - -
Your request has been assigned to a [ed., an anonymous] city employee. You will receive a response within 5 days for this request. If it does take longer than this, please contact us by replying to this email.

The current expected due date is 12/10/09.

[Note: The 5-day response time means five "open for business" days. The tally has already included one every-other-Friday closure, three unpaid furlough days, two days for Thanksgiving, and four standard weekend days. So, add ten lost days to any 5+ days response.]

Yes, that RV has been parked there, unmoving, for a long, long time. And this complaint is regarding the property across the street from me - not the Neighbors From Hell (NsFH) property next door.

(Shhh... I'm not supposed to complain about them... Remember, I was quarantined by the Chief of Police from complaining to the City of Manteca about Lynda Allen and Theresa Brassey illegally operating their TLC Catering business, with the help of Corky Greene, from 810 Fishback Street, the residential property zoned R-1 since annexation where the three of them live, work, play, collect animals and other friends, jabber, eat, make ice, make love, make noise at all hours, take commercial deliveries, restock their illegal commissary building, build all sorts of unpermitted noncompliant structures, etc.)

The new ordinance regarding mobile accessory vehicles went into effect January of this year, so one might ask, "What about grandfathering?"

The answer is: "No grandfathering allowed." These are mobile vehicles and can be moved around while screening and parking surfaces can be retrofitted. If the vehicle is too big or the necessary improvements cannot or will not be made, then the arrangement is not permitted and the vehicle must be hauled off to an appropriate rental space somewhere else.

The BIG question on the readers' minds right now is, "Why is this guy picking on the poor unfortunates who live across the street?" The answer is, "I have (almost) nothing against the owners of the property across the street. I have never met them."

Yet this entire campaign is deadly serious and the traps are baited for more than one prey.


The Manteca Response said...

Dun-nuh! Dun-nuh! Dun-nuh, Dun-nuh, Dun-nuh, Dun-nuh, Dun-nuh, Dun-nuh, Dun-nuh, Dun-nuh, Dun-nuh, Dun-nuh, Dun-nuh, Dun-nuh, Dun-nuh, Dun-nuh, Dun-nuh, Dun-nuh. Dun-nuh!

throke said...

haha, I Google'd 'Manteca Police Suck' and your page was first. The reason I did such a search? For the last 6 month's I have been complaining about the traffic in my alley due to the teenagers selling LSD, Mushrooms, Ecstasy, and cannibus. By traffic, I mean the young people that park in our alley and spend their time 'smoking blunts' and verbally harassing anyone within earshot. The MPD response to this has been non-existent and the traffic continues.

At this point, I must suffer through the verbal harassment or suffer the consequences of maiming a teenager in my alley. As I am typing this, a truck which has been here 4 times previously today, has shown up for the 5th time. Within minutes, 3 young lads will be smoking a blunt and if it were not so cold out, throwing obscenities at whomever is in sight.

......at this point I have come to the conclusion that the only outcome to this situation will be to move or face battery charges.......because the MPD will never be able to resolve this in a satisfactory way.

noisemaker said...

throke, sounds like you are in a perfect position to photograph, video, and take license plate numbers. Then feed that daily stream of "hard" evidence to the MPD's Drug unit. Use the city's online complaint system because that forces someone downtown to "close" each report. You can then print those reports to your own case file...

The biggest problem is not the soon-to-be brain-dead teens, but the City. Try www.NeighborsFromHell.com message board for suggestions on how to actively discourage pushers and dopers from using your back yard to demolish their brains.

BTW, thank you for the feedback regarding the Google search.