Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Deposition Delay...

Well, tomorrow's opportunity to defend my case in deposition has been postponed by a back field hand off at Farmers' Group. I am mildly curious as to the reason(s) for this delay and will follow future developments to determine what happened. So far, I can speculate three scenarios:

1. The insurance company believes my neighbors have a miniscule chance to win the case and reassigned it to a legal "shark" to vigorously defend. (Good, maybe we can get defense counsel to Authentication of Documents before the second serving of identical papers disintegrates into a pulpy mass suitable only for mouse nests.)

2. The insurance company believes my neighbors have absolutely no chance of prevailing, recalculated the likely settlement and stipulations (oh wait, they don't care about non-monetary stipulations), and reassigned it to a newly minted lawyer to shepherd its demise.

3. Business is so bad for the insurance company (therefore "good", or billable, for the symbiotic legal firm) that Mr. McFadden, Esq. had to offload some of the work - and this case, with its yokel policyholders and mountains of bothersome (ie., unopposable) documentation, was a prime choice for delay... oops... reassignment not likely to produce judicial sanctions.

Oh, well, it's supposed to be sunny tomorrow...

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