Monday, June 27, 2011

Gone... But Not Far Enough, Obviously


The new "familia" gathering place is mighty impressive. The "po' lil ol' me" masquerade, so effectively abused for so many years by Lyin' Lynda, was stripped away last summer with the whole house makeover thing. (There's no way in hell that project was funded by a dying catering business, with three old bitches and only one broken down MFPU.)

The familia to the rescue! This last Easter, Bubba, Jr. Raider, was substituted in for the Senior Raiderettes, and right away the fly-away tent gazebo favored by the cheap BDG's was upgraded to a more substantial outdoor structure; the rickety picnic table favored by the smoking, hacking, coughing, cancerous, card-playing BDG's gave way to some stylish outdoor furniture, including a brazier; the sign proclaiming the existence of an outdoor "man cave" (on the outside of the fence protecting the marijuana sheds) is mere cover to the true purpose within.

Lyin' Lynda will not - cannot - stay away. When she traded properties with relatives, the only explicit instruction was to protect the marijuana cash crop production facilities. No matter how many familia members come to visit, everything is still a drug front. Indeed, the more "customers" who visit the place bolster the case for this being an illegal weed cooperative.

Yep, that's Lyin' Lynda's Big-Ass, Black
Pickup Truck ... spotted again this morning!

This must be where she parks it now!


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