Friday, July 22, 2011

Political Shit

Uh... Uhh... I gotta go Number 1 !
This morning, an A&A Crap Shacks truck was blocking my driveway (using it as a loading/unloading zone) while delivering the newest addition to the sights and smells of Manteca. The driver only shrugged and claimed to be a simple delivery man, simply following orders, when I asked if it could be installed away from my driveway.

Whose orders? Manteca Unified School District? or their renters, Pop Warner Football and Cheer (Manteca Chargers)?

Who woulda thought taking a dump was such a political matter?

For many years, Pop Warner Football and Cheer has been renting the practice field at Sierra High. For all those years, the rental contracts must not have allowed use of school bathrooms. (Oh my, oh my, I've got a bladder disability! I demand the right to pee!) Suddenly, last year the whiners got MUSD to install Port-A-Potties at every school gate on the Wawona Street practice fields. Now every recreational walker who circles the block gets three foul snootfuls each time they walk that leg.

This year - in fact, this very morning - the locust plague browbeat MUSD into putting a shit can at one of the two Fishback gates.

Wouldn't you know it? The gate right next to my driveway! This is the straw that broke this camel's back!

For four seasons I have put up with the block party hordes blocking my driveway, both to drop off and pick precious Johnny or sweet little Susie. Those who stay the entire 3-4 hours every weeknight for six months bust out the beach chairs and coolers and swill away. Instead of setting the example for Johnny and Susie by going potty before they leave home (somewhere right here in Manteca, no doubt), they bitch and moan about not having a pot to pee in while "helicoptering" around their cute little athletic star.

So here it is, in a view from my porch.

Ah... Uhh... now I gotta go Number 2 !

This A&A Crap Shack happens to be directly in the path of the prevailing NW winds (which any pilot, cyclist, or homeless person knows about, but not school facilities people?), so my house, which uses actual windows and doors for ventilation, will now be laden, day and night, with airborne molecules of potty chemicals and ripening human waste.

(As a matter of note, in the background of pic Number 1 is the Daniel Teicheira Memorial Stadium at Sierra High School, home of the Timberwolves.)

Nancy Teicheira happens to have been reelected as a school board trustee in 2010, and it is she who received my first telephone call regarding this obscenity. After consulting with the the MUSD Superintendent, Jason Messer, there were promises to move the shit can and to review the possibilty of relocating the gate away from my driveway. The callbacks next week will be encouraging, I hope. (After all, it was MUSD that got Manteca's police off their asses when my other neighbors were growing marijuana openly next to Sierra High.)

Precedent for not using this gate, with its attendant congestion and plastic outhouses, comes from MUSD actions on the southern side of the Fishback/Mason property two doors southward. That gate, which did not even generate the same level of traffic congestion, was welded shut a couple years ago. I wonder what level of complaint was made to have that effect?

Pop Warner Footballers - mentioned in my very first post and again a little later.

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