Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The New Manteca Cow-Tipping

Pic from Michael Bluejay's web page on Burning Man porta-potty etiquette
Two-Holey Latrines, Batman! Those Pop Warner parents and kids must eat some really weird shit! (Sorry... it's shit when it comes out their asses, not when it goes in their pie-holes.) I wonder if any of them actually got their feces *inside* the holding tank because the new A&A Shit Shack smells like an open pit latrine instead of a porta-potty. The stench is overpowering. I imagine the inside looking like this:

After the Manteca Unified School District meeting last night, I was told that the problem was resolved and the Crap Shack was moved. I looked the gent in the eye and told him the offending outhouse was still in place and stenching up the whole neighborhood - that is, they moved the wrong one! (If one was moved at all...)

Yup, the new one on Fishback is still *undeniably* in place on my driveway and a drive down the Wawona Street block this morning showed those three plastic turd buckets still in place. Somebody at MUSD or at A&A Shit Shacks has his/her head up his/her ass. (They must love the smell, or they're writing reflective haikus for decorating Burning Man porta-potties.)

The man had - shall we say, crappy? - intelligence from the field. It's a good thing a map was drawn for him for his use in a redux.

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Burning Man Tips: Help for the Porta-Potty Shy

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Afternoon update:
The outhouse has been moved, but still upwind. Thirteen sections of fence, about 8 feet each, the shit can is now about 100 feet away.


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