Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sierra High Pot Co-op Still Thrives!

Illegal marijuana cooperative at 810 Fishback Street,
with Sierra High School buildings in background.

Here is Manteca's definition of a marijuana cultivation cooperative:
“Medical marijuana collective,” “medical marijuana cooperative,” “collective,” or “cooperative” shall mean a location where medical marijuana is cultivated collectively or cooperatively by more than one qualified patient, person with an identification card or primary caregiver, as described in California Health and Safety Code Section 11362.775. (Chapter 8.35 CULTIVATION AND POSSESSION OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA)
Given the ineptitudes of Manteca law enforcement, the backsliding perversities of San Joaquin prosecutors, and county and state judges who greedily insist on rewriting law from the bench, even the "more than one" phrase has been adulterated to encompass all residents within one property. But even the debased definition of "more than one" user has limits; it does not allow for users from other properties (non-residents) to share in the cultivation on a property not their residence, unless such a "sharing" arrangement is registered as a cooperative or collective.

8.35.030 Cultivation restrictions.

F. Requirements for Collectives or Cooperatives. A cooperative or collective must file articles of incorporation with the state and conduct its business for the mutual benefit of its members. No business may call itself a cooperative or collective unless it is properly organized and registered as such a corporation under the Corporations or Food and Agriculture Code of California. Cooperatives or collectives must follow strict rules on organization, articles, elections, and distribution of earnings, and must report individual transactions from individual members each year. Cooperative or collective corporations are democratically controlled and are not organized to make a profit for themselves, as such, or for their members, as such, but primarily for their members as patrons. They must be nonprofit operations. The cooperative or collective must not purchase marijuana from, or sell to, nonmembers; instead, it must only provide a means for facilitating or coordinating cultivation projects, including the allocation of costs between members.
Observations of such obvious contempt for and breaking of law by Lyin' Lynda Sue Allen, Theresa Ann Brassey, and Cornelia Jane Green are commonplace. It has gone on for years, decades, documented in this blog, while Manteca officials sit by, eyes closed, gently rocking and humming in their corners. The three scofflaws named above vacated the property at 810 Fishback Street on Saturday, April 23, 2011, and turned the pot farming operation over to a relative. Yet they still return regularly (June 27 and July 27, pictured above) to collect their collective crop. Other arrangements have also been made for delivery service.

"Ah, ha!" you say, "Why are you telling this stuff to the Barefoot Dirty Girls? Won't they just turn around and register their co-op and make everything all legal-like on paper? After all, aren't they successful businesswomen who [illegally] ran an catering truck enterprise for decades from that very same property?"

All good questions. Here is the answer: It is prohibited for medical marijuana users, under both California state law and Manteca city code, to operate such a cooperative within 1,000 feet of a residential district or school - or, in this case, on an R-1 property and zero feet from Sierra High School. Yet, here are the BDG's doing it anyway - this is yet another example of "who they are."
MMC 8.35.030 Cultivation restrictions.

G. Collective or Cooperative Cultivation. For the collective or cooperative cultivation of marijuana, such cultivation shall be prohibited within any residential districts as defined by the Manteca Municipal Code or within one thousand feet of any residential district, school, recreation center, or youth center.

In October of last year, I posted this prediction: The Beginning of a New Illegal Business Operation? Well, here it is City of Manteca and Manteca Unified School District! A new, illegal drug business, in a residential district, right next to Sierra High School, right under your insentient* noses! I'm sure Manteca's police department will come up with one or another of their well-polished excuses for their incompetence [bad], official ignorance [worse], or active abetting [worst] of these prohibited activities. It would be nice if they spoke up and didn't mumble so.

(What is that dried green stuff... oregano?... in the pizza sauce?)
(I dunno... Duh! Let's ask Off'cer "H__b". He's gotta know his weed, if not the law.)

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* in·sen·ti·ent (adj) Devoid of sensation or consciousness; incapable of feeling or understanding things; inanimate.

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