Monday, August 13, 2012

Please, Mr. Postman, look and see... if there's a letter...


The Manteca Bulletin ran with my story this morning, Monday, August 13, 2012, entitled:

Irk - I love that word. When it is used as a verb, this form denotes multiple subjects; in this case, both the crap shack and the helicopter parents. But the headline also strikes me as a redundancy because, also in this case, they are both full of shit.

Irk (v) irritate or vex, gall or anger; also, annoy, aggravate (informal), provoke, nettle, rile, piss off (taboo slang).

- - - - - - -
In an apparent coincidence today, the letter (see previous post) that Superintendent Messer had not seen yet came back to me in the mail, stamped "Undeliverable as Addressed - Not Forwarded." So I stopped by the MUSD office and hand delivered it.

It is odd to me that the United States Postal Service delivered all other copies of the letter, but the Manteca Branch of the USPS somehow could not manage to find the big four-story office building on the corner of Louise Avenue and Airport Way, which has the name "Manteca Unified School District" emblazoned across the front of it. All right, not so odd.

I guess I could have saved myself the $0.45 and hand delivered it a week ago.

- - - - - - -
Or, I could have gone to another tedious school board board meeting, like I did last year, to re-explain to supposedly intelligent people how porta-potties do not belong in residential neighborhoods.

For many, many  years, the Johnnies and Suzies of the world were trained by mommies and daddies to "go use the bathroom before we go," to dancing, to swimming, to soccer, to Pop Warner, etc. Now, all of a sudden, the Johnnies and Suzies and mommies and daddies have to have a porta-potty? And it has to be placed in some unfortunate citizen's front yard, no less?


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